Shogun Warriors #2 Marvel Comics 1979

Part 2 of 6 - “Warriors Three!” Story by Doug Meonch. Art by Herb Trimpe and Dan Green. Two brave men and a woman have been recruited to pilot the giant robots known as the Shogun Warriors. The first of these warriors, Raydeen, battled and thought he had defeated the colossal Rok-Korr. But he soon learned that the monster had become even more powerful than before.. Now, Raydeen will be joined by Combatra and Dangard Ace, and if they fail….the world is doomed!

Show Gun France
sordid swords
maple silver
slivered notch
a crack, bend
a nozzle of wood

leaves and bloom
blanch blame
so embarrassing
an anglo pylon

cheating here or left
puck glove drop dance
tan fingers, black ribs
for linger, four fingers
and fire thumb

a breakaway noose
popcorn caboose
this crowd o' meese

point one
point five
dangard ace decline
raydeen shows
combatra hate

flee five foe

it's a frenchman
attaque massive

Shogun Warriors #12 Marvel Comics 1979

Part 1 of 3 - “The Moon Menace!” Story by Doug Meonch. Art by Herb Trimpe and Mike Esposito. At last, the three mighty Shogun Warriors stand reunited, and just in time to face the diabolical Moon Menace! 32 pages, FC NOTE: This issue contains a 1-page add for the action figure Rom the Spaceknight from Parker Brothers, the toy that inspired the epic comic book series.