“He found her BEAUTIFUL, if a bit strange and sour.
                                    It was something in the way that her EYES sparked
                                when she looked at something LOVELY in the landscape.
                                                         He couldn’t understand it.”  

                                            – Aline Weber as Celaena Sardothien

Books That Each Sign Should Read

Aries:  Throne of Glass

Taurus: Throne of Glass

Gemini: Throne of Glass

Cancer: Throne of Glass

Leo: Throne of Glass

Virgo: Throne of Glass

Libra: Throne of Glass

Scorpio: Throne of Glass

Sagittarius: Throne of Glass

Capricorn: Throne of Glass

Aquarius: Throne of Glass

Pisces: Throne of Glass

the signs as Throne of Glass characters

aries: celaena sardothien

taurus: kaltain rompier

gemini: rowan whitethorn

cancer: sam cortland

leo: arobynn hamel

virgo: aedion ashryver

libra: elena galathynius

scorpio: manon blackbeak

sagittarius: dorian havilliard

capricorn: nehemia ytger

aquarius: sorscha

piscies: chaol westfall


hey everyone, ocil here. because me and my family are low on money, i’m opening commissions. i have two jobs and i work practically every day to be able to pay my mom rent, money for food etc. and knowing that next year i won’t have the time for both my jobs i’m trying to save up as much as possible. maybe move out one day. hopefully.

i added some of my most recent drawings up there, but you can find more in my art tag over here. please check it out.

so here’s the deal about the price: give me whatever you’re willing to give for the commission. though please keep it reasonable. e.g. please don’t give me 50 cents for something really complicated. thanks!

you can contact me through tumblr asks or email: ocil@live.nl

my paypal account is ocil@live.nl as well. we can negotiate about the price and after i’ve received the payment i’ll start working on the commission.

thanks for reading! and if you don’t have the money or don’t feel like commissioning me, it would be really great if you could reblog and/or share this post. thanks!!