Murphy Shorts
It’s been too long since I’ve told some stories. And I’m hitting it hard with some short stories that I’m not really able to stretch out into a normal 10-20 minute video. Today, I bring you 4 tiny peeks into my past.

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Translation: This is Enough Already

Genre: modern!AU, fem!Levi, fluff w/ a teaspoon of angst

Artist: 寥九_我能不摸鱼么

Trans: koi

Dear dear anon, my sincerest apologies for putting this off for 3 months. I know words are not enough to suffice for your patience, but here you go.

P.S. Sorry the resizing’s weird. If it really bothers you guys, I can edit all of them to fit. Just msg me.


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Rakitic. Incredible 😍😍 


"12. Hanging out with a friend" which I translated into ‘draw the whole gang with him being happy and stuff’

I just want them to be happy ;o; sorry I didn’t colour the clothes, I have little patience for digital art atm