Propane pipe bombs
Flash like Nikons
Young dead suicidal superstar icon
I make them nervous like the image of me lurkin
In the halls with the weapon only purpose is to murder

Now you didn’t mean it
You tell me you were kiddin

Read the plans in my notebook and see why i did it
Two hours for the cops come
In, now its locked down
Everybody runnin like some fiends when the cops round

Smokin in my trench coat
Waitin for my next go

Water comin down from the sprinklers on my neck froze
Lets go, next door
Then the cafeteria
My mind is in a trance my ears are locked out i am not hearin ya
I’m feelin somethin like Eric
But im lookin just like Dylan
Just another white trash kid with his mind battled
All he ever wanted to do was kill him
These boys boys act tough till they ribs erupt
Leave ya body in the library next to ya favorite book

I don’t like you (you)
I don’t like you (you)
I’ll give you to the count of ten
For you to start running again

We just could’ve been friends
But you decided to hurt me
Decided to hurt me (x8)

sayin youre a columbiner is also sayin u associate yourself with murder apologists, neo nazis, racists, homophobes etc because by using that name youre identifying yourself as part of the community. its about the same as calling yourself a brony instead of a mlp fan really, so if youre interested in true crime cool but if u call yourself a columbiner then please chill out

List of songs about killers

Ted Bundy

  • "Bundy" – Animal Alpha
  • "Murder Dividead" - Edge Of Sanity
  • "The Ted Bundy Song" – Macabre
  • "Ted, Just Admit It" – Jane’s Addiction
  • "Stay Wide Awake" – Eminem
  • "Anne" – Bloodbath
  • "Ted Bundy" - Mr. Morbid & Melph
  • "Bundy Beach"-The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers

Richard Ramirez

  • "Going Going Gone" – Exodus
  • "Killer" – King Diamond
  • "Night Stalker" – Macabre
  • "Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes" - Sun Kil Moon
  • "Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez)" – Church of Misery
  • "Rock Around The Clock, Richard Ramirez" - Adolf Sasquatch
  • "See You In Disneyland" - Adolf Sasquatch
  • "Jack the Knife" - The Electric Hellfire Club

Eric Harris & Dylan KleboldΒ 

  • β€œHero” – Superchick
  • "Columind" – Filter
  • "Who shot the jock?" - GrimDaze Stoners (band)
  • "Disposable Teens" – Marilyn Manson
  • "Friend Of Mine" – Jonathan and Stephen Cohen
  • "One by One" – The Calling
  • ”The Anatomy of a School Shooting” – Ill Bill
  • "The Nobodies" – Marilyn Manson

Jeffrey Dahmer

  • "Apartment 213" – Macabre
  • "Choklit Factory" - Marilyn Manson
  • "Dahmer is Dead" – Violent Femmes
  • "Freeze Dried Man" – Macabre
  • "Jeffrey Dahmer" – Soulfly
  • "Jeffrey Dahmer’s Cookbook" - Fuck, I’m Dead
  • "Lord Dahmer" - Final Solution
  • "The Milwaukee Cannibal" – Evil Anger

Albert Fish

  • "27 Needles" – John 5
  • "Albert ‘Cannibal’ Fish" – Postmortem
  • "Albert Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea" – Macabre
  • "Document: Grace Budd" – The Number Twelve Looks Like You
  • "Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favourite Dish?)" – Macabre
  • "Smell the Children" – Evil Anger
  • "Mr Fish" - Sparzanza
  • "Letter to Mother" - Divine Heresy

John Wayne Gacy

  • "Clownin’ Around" - Deer Tick
  • "Gacy’s Lot" – Macabre
  • "Master of Brutality (John Wayne Gacy)" – Church of Misery
  • "Pogo The Clown" – Hubert Kah
  • "Johnny’s in love with you" - The Bang
  • "Finger Paintings of The Insane" - Acid Bath
  • "Gacy’s Place" - The Mentally Ill
  • "John Wayne Gacy"-The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers

Edmund Kemper

  • "Edmund Kemper Had a Horrible Temper" – Macabre
  • "Fortress/Outer Space/Forever" – System of a Down
  • "Killifornia (Edmund Kemper III)" – Church of Misery
  • "Urge to Kill" – Throbbing Gristle
  • "Forever" – The Berzerker
  • "Severed Head" – Suicide Commando
  • "Temper Temper Mr. Kemper" - The Celibate Rifles

Ed Gein

  • "Ballad of Ed Gein" – Swamp Zombies
  • "Deadache" – Lordi
  • "Dead Skin Mask" – Slayer
  • "Dead Art in Plainfield" – John 5
  • "In Gein We Trust" - Manilla Road
  • "Nipple Belt" – Tad
  • "Nothing to Gein" – Mudvayne
  • "Old Mean Ed Gein" – Fibonaccis

Jack the Ripper

  • "Unsolved Mysteries" – Animal Collective
  • "Blood Red Sandman" – Lordi
  • "The Death of Jack the Ripper" – The Legendary Pink Dots
  • "Down on Whores" – Benediction
  • "Maxwell Murder" – Rancid
  • "The Ripper" – Judas Priest
  • "Jack The Ripper" – Macabre
  • "Saucy Jack" – Spinal Tap

Ian Brady and Myra HindleyΒ 

  • "Mother Earth" – Crass
  • "No One Is Innocent" – The Sex Pistols
  • "Love in a Faithless Country" – Richard Thompson
  • "Suffer Little Children" – The Smiths
  • "Very Friendly" – Throbbing Gristle
  • "Lambs to the Slaughter" - Church of Misery

Dennis RaderΒ 

  • "Bind Torture Kill" – Suffocation
  • "Bind, Torture and Kill" – Suicide Commando
  • "Raider II" - Steven Wilson
  • "B.T.K." - Church of Misery
  • "BTK" - Exodus

Dennis Nilson

  • "Cranley Gardens" (Denis Nilsen) – Church of Misery
  • "Killing for Company" – Swans[5]
  • "You’re Dying To Be With Me" – Macabre
  • "Turnabout" β€” Moth Wranglers

Charles Manson & the Family

  • "A Poem About An Old Prison Man" – Decapitated
  • "California Hippy Murders" Red River Dave McEnery
  • "Charlie Manson Blues" – The Flaming Lips
  • "Charlie Manson’s eyes" – People Haters
  • "Do The Charles Manson" – Necro
  • "Work of God" – Evil Anger
  • "Lunatic of God’s Creation" – Deicide
  • "Mister Manson" – Klaatu

Richard Chase

  • "Blood Sucking Freaks (Richard Chase)" – Church of Misery
  • "House Sparrow" – Xiu Xiu