Leaked audio from the basement tapes:

Eric: “Shut the fuck up, Nick, you laugh too much! And those two girls sitting next to you, they probably want you to shut the fuck up, too! Jesus! Rachel and Jen.. and.. whatever.”

Dylan: “I don’t like you, Rachel and Jen, you’re stuck up little bitches, you’re fucking little.. Christian, Godly little whores!”

Eric: “Yeah.. ‘I love Jesus! I love Jesus!’ — shut the fuck up!”

Dylan: “What would Jesus do? What the fuck would I do..?” (he acts like he’s shooting the camera with his hand, with sound to accompany it)

Eric: “I would shoot you in the motherfucking head! Go Romans! Thank God they crucified that asshole.”

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Did Eric and Dylan not know how to make a pipe bomb? All almost all the reports I've read, it seems that 75 percent, if not more, didn't explode. Imagine how many more casualties there would've been.

It wasn’t quite that low a “success rate,” although they do seem to have had some problems with the explosives, even ignoring the propane bombs that didn’t go off.  (30/76, or 39.47% went off—see below.)  On the other hand many of the unexploded IEDs (“Improvised Explosive Devices”) were still in their pockets or next to their bodies when they were found, so they apparently didn’t get a chance to use them all.

According to the Official Report (I know, not always the most credible source), there were 99 explosive devices found in all (additional info from report by bomb squad member Sgt. Dempsey starting on JC-001-007700):

76 at the school (see below)

2 at Eric’s house (2 CO2 cartridge bombs, “crickets” on the desk in his room),

6 at Dylan’s house (4 “crickets,” 2 pipe bombs in a gray metal box in his closet),

1 in Eric’s Honda Prelude (the 20-pound propane tank bomb),

12 in Dylan’s BMW (1 Molotov cocktail with 1 “cricket” attached, 7 pipe bombs, 4 pint containers with 1 “cricket” attached to each; the car bomb components were in the backseat; the 7th pipe bomb went off when the bomb squad was moving it into the truck containment trailer), and

2 at the diversionary bomb site on Wadsworth Boulevard (the 2 propane bombs).

Of the 76 IEDs at the school, 30 went off and 46 did not.  (Unfortunately the report doesn’t state specifically what kind of devices they were.)

30 exploded: 13 outside, 5 in the library, 6 in the classrooms/halls, 6 in the cafeteria.

46 unexploded: 2 outside, 26 in the library (including those found on and around their bodies), 14 in the classrooms/halls, and 4 in the cafeteria.

The Bomb Squad Summary report on JC-001-007816-007818 has some more information:

21 pipe bombs “recovered and rendered safe,” i.e., they didn’t go off

14 pipe bombs “functioned as designed in or around the school,” i.e., they went off

37 crickets “collected and rendered safe”

8 crickets “functioned as designed in or around the school”

7 incendiary devices “collected and rendered safe”

2 incendiary devices “functioned as designed” (these seem to be the Molotov cocktails in the library and cafeteria)

Specific locations:

2 crickets at Eric’s house

4 crickets and 2 pipe bombs at Dylan’s house

Library: 15 crickets, 1 pipe bomb, 1 incendiary

Outside the school: 1 cricket, 2 pipe bombs

Dylan’s BMW: 4 crickets, 8 pipe bombs, 3 incendiary

Eric’s Honda: 1 pipe bomb

On Eric’s body: 4 crickets

On Dylan’s body: 5 crickets

On the roof: 1 pipe bomb, 1 incendiary

In the cafeteria: 1 cricket, 3 pipe bombs, and “six gallons of flammable liquid”

From Wadsworth Boulevard: 2 pipe bombs and “flammable liquid”

According to other interviews with the bomb squad, specifically Mike Guerra, they found (JC-001-007821):

5 crickets on the floor of the library by Eric and Dylan’s bodies,

7 crickets and 1 pipe bomb in Dylan’s left cargo pants pocket

5 crickets in Eric’s right cargo pants pocket

2 crickets, one on a desk and one on a chair, elsewhere in the library

After the bodies were moved, they found (JC-001-007823):

8 crickets in Dylan’s right pocket

4 crickets in Eric’s left pocket

(Whoever released the documents thought it would be cool to redact the items found in their pockets, which was stupid since it seems easy enough to figure it out from the context, plus on JC-001-007811 the first items are listed unredacted…  Fools…)

I noticed that a lot of this information doesn’t quite match up exactly, which figures, I suppose, given it’s the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office…fucking Jeffco…

Columbine Blog Masterpost Part 1

Active blogs that i have found and follow that post mostly columbine, but usually have additional gore/killers: (feel free to add yourself!!)




















Columbine Obsessed Female was arrested November 3, 2014 for planning to commit a mass murder at Radnor High School. Someone in the school found the journal Monday and reported authorities. She will be charged as a juvenile for terroristic threats. She apparently has a history with mental illness, but no weapons were found in her house.

The first photo is of the letter she wrote to Dylan Klebold’s parents. In part of it she says “I connected very strongly with your son emotionally”

Her journal was filled with things such as:

"I could be the first female shooter,"

 "I want to trap them, pick them off one by one. Blow up the cafeteria, maybe. Shoot everyone in classrooms, but how do I trap people. Leave survivors? Or nah? I kinda want to"

"Imagine the power, the bullets leaving the gun with a loud bang, piercing kids around me, the way they collapse, their blood splattering the floor… the screams"