If colleges were high school stereotypes
  • Harvard:the popular kid who everyone wants to be, but is actually a huge dick
  • Yale:star quarterback, valedictorian, and prom king, but is actually horribly boring
  • Stanford:surfer boy who tries to downplay the fact that he's actually intelligent
  • UPenn:hangs out with the popular kids (Harvard, Yale, etc.) but everyone forgets his name
  • UC Berkeley:outspoken left-wing political activist who hates Stanford's guts
  • UCLA:Berkeley's little brother, doomed to live in Berkeley's shadow for the rest of his life
  • Cornell:friends with the popular kids, but rumor has it that he lives on a farm
  • Columbia:preppy rich kid who reeks of wealth
  • Brown:hipster who smokes weed on school campus
  • UChicago:preppy kid who wants to smoke weed with Brown but is too scared to actually do it
  • Dartmouth:introverted kid who doesn't talk to anyone
  • Johns Hopkins:new kid who is desperately trying to get the popular kids to notice him
  • Northwestern:may or may not have a huge crush on UChicago but is still in the closet
  • NYU:desperate for Columbia's love but has been turned down on multiple occasions
  • Oxford:the senpai of all senpais who will never notice you
  • MIT:nerd who won't stop talking about his latest science project
  • Duke:the jock
  • Caltech:the Asian
  • Princeton:the weenie

Watch this hilarious “All About That Bass” parody from a group of Columbia MBA students

The Columbia Business School Follies, the sketch comedy group known for its hysterical mix of song, dance and incisive economic commentary, produced an amazing video pushing back against stereotypes and double standards faced by high-powered women in the workplace.

"A love letter to all the badass bitches who aren’t afraid to be themselves in the business world."