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Power Of 3 
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Colton B

  • Cyrus B. | 16 | Industria | Single | Ego | Open

Cyrus is a bit of a rebel but, he sucks at it. He’s been in jail several times and was almost sent to the Arena twice. He’s a bit of a hype man meaning he goes around to hype everyone up. Growing up, Cyrus always hung around his brothers. They would always find ways to get into trouble and to have fun at the same time. He’s a bit of a bad-boy, always looking for some type of trouble to get in. As crazy as he may sound, he doesnt drink nor smoke. “I aint got time for all of that drinking mess.! Im trying to live my WHOLE life, not just die early.!” His ego is a bit too big for him. He thinks he can get any girl or he thinks he’s the sexiest man on earth. Even if you tell him he’s not, that wont crush his ego. “I know im sexy, I dont care what anybody have to say.!”

  • Do you like Metraplex City.?

“Mannn, I dont know. I guess I do, except for those AlphaBots.”

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