Dunno about anyone else but fucking hell on fire. 

Total respect to Phil Brooks for sticking through the shit, and for being totally honest, not a facade, but being an honest human being about what happened.

My respect and love that man just doubled. 

Also his impression of HHH is on the nail. 

I’d love him and Colt to do a regular thing just crushing the bullshit place this planet is. 

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk joins Colt to finally open up about EVERYTHING from the past couple years. After keeping silent, he talks about his decision to …

A bit part of Falls Count Anywhere is how awful and shitty the Pro Wrestling Industry is, so it’s not like I didn’t know it was bad. But holy fuck I had no idea how bad it was.

Fuck the WWE, seriously.

I was a wrestling fan when I was a kid but like most kids, my interest waned as I grew older. Ring of Honor changed that to an extent and CM Punk was certainly a part of that. When he signed with the WWE I was disappointed and thought he had sold out, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. His involvement in the WWE was the only thing that as an adult, made me take an interest again. I strongly believe that he changed that company and professional wrestling as a whole, perhaps forever. The circumstances of him leaving, how much was real, how much was a work was always a mystery and to hear him talk so open and frankly about it is brilliantly refreshing. The inner workings of the industry are kept quiet from most fans and I can’t think of anybody better to expose a little thread of it.

I didn’t post this did I? I went to one of Colt Cabana’s shows where he makes fun of bad wrestling, like Mystery Science Theatre. Davey Richards showed up and surprised everyone, which was awesome. It was ace meeting Colt, I wish I had the chance to chat to him a bit more, but he’s coming back in a month so I guess I do.

CM PUNK TALKS! We love it also.

Former wrestling star CM Punk speaks out about his last few years with WWE. Punk being a former WWE Champion, World Heavy Weight Champion and has all kinds of accolades while his term in the WWE. He talks about this on Colt Cobana’s podcast in a two hour interview.

CM Punk claims he never quit the company and that he was fired on his weeding day of course being the awesome person he is he chuckled it off and did not let it ruin his day.

He speaks about how mad he was with being set up to wrestle Triple H in the Wrestlemania before he stopped performing (which he ended up not being at.) He goes on further to talk about how he was upset about how Vince McMahon did not have Daniel Bryan in the main event at the time or plans for him given he was the superstar that year, it was his year.  Daniel Bryan was carrying the company and how it was similar to when it was CM Punk’s year and that Vince was not trying to push him over.

It’s is about a two hour podcast with Colt Cobana who is a great friend of CM Punk. With past reports of CM Punk trying to get Colt Cobana a job at WWE. Colt Cobana has a podcast that is about mainly wrestling and for more details on that make sure to check out his website: and to go directly to the podcast with CM Punk go to:

It is sad to hear that we will never see CM Punk in a WWE ring given his outstanding talent.


Link to CMPunk’s Interview with Colt Cobana:

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