I made some color palettes of color combinations I like. The first three are more dramatic color schemes I like using in my artwork, and the last three are more natural/muted palettes.


You get a pattern, and you get a pattern, and you get a pattern! Everyone gets ColourLovers seasonal plumbbob patterns under their chairs! Recolor as much as you want, heck, anyone can even make this into a Sims 3 pattern :D Happy Holidays everyone! My picture for day one for the Happy Holiday Photo Themes will be up soon.

You can find the patterns on ColourLovers here, here, here, and here.


I have some things for all of you, since you’re all so awesome! :> And a little because I feel bad when I make things without sharing because yeah. x)

Since I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired to play, I opened Bodyshop this morning to see if there was anything fun to do or maybe make a sim or two… but then this happened - dress recolors of HCove’s BoyfriendBlazer TS3 conversion for AF. :) I did 10 in total, but there’s no proper swatch because I forgot, and then I’ve never been a master of previews so… but at least you get to see 5 of them above! I guess you could just open CAS and delete them from there if you don’t want to keep all of them.

The blazer colors are by CuriousB and the dress patterns are by Colourlovers - the mesh is included for convenience. Enjoy!

alt. download (mediafire)

to everyone suffering from patterncooler withdrawals:

i was going to make some big write-up thing about this later, but my personal favorite pattern website is colourlovers!

a lot of people use colourlovers for their awesome palettes (as they should, because they’re perfect), but colourlovers actually has a huge variety of patterns to choose from, as well!  you can sort through the most popular ones, and when you click to make them bigger, you can even color them however you want (or keep them the way they were originally created!).

there are a ton of patterns that you can create and color, and all of them are seamless, so you don’t have to worry about that.

all you have to do when you get to the pattern you like is click here:


and it’ll open up in a new window for you to save, and then you’re good to go!

the patterns are really unique, and there are so many to choose from.  in my opinion, it’s always been a much better option than patterncooler (and they’re not charging you, like, five bucks for any of it).


Three new seamless watermelon patterns I made on ColourLovers. If you’d like to use one of these as your background, you are more than welcome. If you’d like the colors to be personalized, there are five colors so just send me the colors you want [hex code helps] OR if you have a ColourLovers account you can recolor these patterns yourself and use them :D

Pattern One   |   Pattern Two   |   Pattern Three

It’s entirely possible that this has already been done by someone else, somewhere out there in the depths of the internets - but if it has I have missed it so I’ve made my own and now I am sharing because it is caring:

This is, as the picture suggests, HolySimoly's ever popular SimplyElegant curtains in popular Colourlovers patterns. They are of the master, so any edit you might have of these curtains will (should) also carry the recolors. They do in my game at least, so I guess it depends on what edits you have, maybe.
The download as usual includes preview images with descriptive names, so you can easily delete the patterns you don’t want. There are 20 patterns included in the .rar.

The meshes are NOT included - you can download them here (but I do believe everyone and their dog has these by now).

alt. download (mediafire)

Tackling more HolySimoly items: chairs I used to use all the time, but these days I’m so sick of the colors that I never do - so I did something about it, naturally. As you do. When you’re called Vimpse. I swear I spend 90% of my life recoloring things. Eek.

The Adelle patterned versions (patterns by Colourlovers, of course) are probably my favorite patterned recolors ever - it’s entirely possible I’ll make more of them in the future because cuuuu-ute!

The files are named by color/pattern, there are swatches of Anna’s colors in both .rars + a pattern swatch in the “Adelle”-download; so you can easily delete any you don’t want to keep (but srsly these patterns are all cute eeek dies).

Adelle” meshes // ”Soiree” meshes

alt. download (mediafire)

alt. download (mediafire)