A year ago exactly, I was in the mental health inpatient unit. From the first morning I was there, I embraced the power of colouring to ease the pain. During meals, breaks, and really just whenever, I would draw words and phrases and doodles and abstract images. My Mom bought be a 20-pack of markers so I could keep my stash with me and call it mine rather than using the scattered collection the unit had. I gave some of these happiness posters that I made to my friends so they could bring them in to put up at school. When I was transferred to the medical unit because of my condition due to Anorexia, I continued drawing and writing and doodling. I spent hours upon hours, now creating handmade crosswords and colouring plenty of mandalas. Drawing/writing/colouring was one of the first coping methods that actually worked for me, and to this day, I use it like I’m addicted to it. In the summer I got a 50 pack of these wonderful colour sticks, and my creations continued, often being recovery-based (e.g. this and this and this). 

Now, today, my dad and I went on a journey searching for the jackpot. And we got it. 100 precious markers all different colours. <3 <3 <3 Markers have been such a big part of my recovery. My drawing on the mental health unit is what initiated the first conversation between me and others. My drawing on the medical unit decorated my walls and occupied my long days. And even still, my marker drawing and writing is always able to stabilize my mind. Thank you, Crayola


Here it is! The list you’ve all been waiting for (not really though)! It’s only temporary, so I’ll probably add more or make another in the future! I really hope you guys find the list helpful, or at least a bit inspiring! Stay creative guys, and know that I believe in you! 

(Oh, and credit to Markiplier for his face)