« “The date’s not over yet,” Woohyun spoke in a hushed voice and quickly pressed a kiss on Sunggyu’s lips. But in his excitement, Woohyun had missed slightly, kissing mostly the corner of Sunggyu’s mouth and cheek. It was evident when he pulled back. Most of Woohyun’s lips now had color too. It was brighter than his skin, but not his hair. But Sunggyu liked it more than the purple. It was more subdued, and even more alluring. And the lips were now glistening in the lamplight, looking even more alluring…and even delicious. Sunggyu knew what color this was without being told. This is red. His grey thumb traced against the colored lips. He wanted to see more of it. »

This is inspired by Feminabeata's Coloring fic. It’s actually me who sent the prompt for this and I was so so so so happy to see she wrote it and I want to do a lot of fanart about it (and many other fics but-) but unfortunatly I have no time and I’m not talented enough to do what I want so, anyway, this happened because drawing Nam Woohyun is relaxing.

(you can erase my text but it’d be nice to keep the link to the fic tho ;;)
(also I may post the scan without the text on the picture on my drawing blog later)


We had planned out our acid trip a week in advance for Saturday afternoon but my boyfriend got to spend the whole weekend so he came early and we spent Friday night smoking kush and watching tv in bed 😍💨
Our trip on Saturday was wonderful. We set up a blanket that covered my whole floor and got blankets and pillows and some coloring books and turned on pandora. It wasn’t too intense, it was exactly what I hoped for. …We did have sex a whole lot though which I did not anticipate but taking acid with the one you love will do that to ya sometimes haha

At the peak of our trip we were sitting Indian style facing each other knee to knee and I looked up at him and said “sometimes I forget that we’re not the same person..” And he just smiled and said he was feeling the same exact way at that point and kissed me.

Acid is a whole different world, it’s great to be in it with the one you love. People who haven’t experienced it won’t understand. Movies can’t begin to capture what it’s like.


Here it is! The list you’ve all been waiting for (not really though)! It’s only temporary, so I’ll probably add more or make another in the future! I really hope you guys find the list helpful, or at least a bit inspiring! Stay creative guys, and know that I believe in you! 

(Oh, and credit to Markiplier for his face)