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sorry if you've received a ton of questions like this already, but I was just wondering if there was any art therapy/colouring books you would recommend? :)

I’m a bigbeliever that any coloring can be therapeutic! Any kind of coloring book you like can be relaxing to use – Disney, puppies, SpongeBob, whatever. For clients, I have a notebook of mandalas and geometric shapes that I’ve put together as a resource for therapeutic coloring. I purposely chose designs that were abstract and geometric because sometimes an image can be distracting. Most of my clients struggle with anxiety and perfection, so these designs are an opportunity to “color outside the lines” and not have to worry about using the “right” colors. It doesn’t matter what you do, because it will all be artistic and beautiful. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to color these designs.

I like to get coloring books from Dover because they have a wide selection of mandalas and geometric designs. You can check them out here: 

Amazon also has a wide selection:

I also like introducing clients to Zentangle  - I don’t have any books of Zentangle designs but there are many websites where you can look up different patterns, and of course it’s fun to make up your own!


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