Coloring Tutorial!

Coloring Tutorial:
☆ 1 - Base color - Use markers or pens, but don’t use a dark color, light colors are better!
☆ 2 - Soft shades - Use a pencil with a darker color than the base color and shade softly.
☆ 3 - Hard shading - With a black pencil, shade the most dark places.
☆ 4 - Light - White pencil can make some places a little lighter, and that creates a pretty shining effect!
☆ 5 - (Optional sparkles) Use white ink and do some dots and starts!
☆ 6 - Lineart - Fix your lineart with a black pen and add some details.
☆ 7 - Background - With any material you want, just do what you like: stars, hearts, bunnies…
☆ 8 - Take a pic of your art in a light place and done!! 

The cute girl is a Muchimo O.C.

Hope you guys like it!  ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ