Perfect Friday morning: This grown up coloring book (Secret Garden by Johanna Basford) and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Ahh…


This is a book I bought last year from Barnes & Noble. It is a “grown up” coloring book with black and white drawings in them to be colored. This book was printed in China, and features many patterns and sketches with Asian themes. This is a relaxing activity I enjoy a lot.

Tarot Coloring Book #0 — The Fool 20” X 24” Digital. This one came about because of two friends who swear by the emotional healing benefits of coloring books for grown-ups. Little did I know the process is a part of therapist training and patient therapy, especially when it comes to archetypal imagery. So, this is the first in a series that hopefully will encompass the entire deck. These will specifically be not-for-profit. Reference Image for figure here.