As Kobanê attempts to rebuild itself the process of reconstruction has become impossible because the Turkish government refuses to allow essential aid to flow from its border to the canton. Necessary aid such as drinking water, food packages, formula milk, school supplies, medical equipment and machinery, clothes, specialised machines, electrical generators, building equipment needed to rebuild, engineers, skilled people and so on are refused access to the border. Trucks full of aid supplies from the international community, humanitarian organisations, private businesses and NGOs are currently prevented from crossing the border and are on stand by indefinitely on the Turkish side. With over 80% of Kobanê completely destroyed it is impossible to provide the city with basic services and urgent medical needs and care to the civilians. Only TWO trucks carrying food supplies are allowed through daily for a city with a current returning population of at least 100,000 civilians. With hundreds, sometimes thousands more refugees returning daily to the canton it is impossible to feed, support, supply and aid such a huge number of traumatised and displaced people, most of whom cannot return to their homes due to the placement of mines by Daesh (ISIS) in homes, schools, streets and public places, without a steady and constant flow of aid materials. On the other hand, it is impossible, nor feasible to attempt to stop Kobanê’s refugees from returning to their homes despite the obvious dangers, as the living conditions in the refugee camps in Turkey are horrendous.

The only solution is the opening of a HUMANITARIAN CORRIDOR from Turkey to Kobanê. If there is no humanitarian corridor there is no aid, no food, no clean drinking water, no milk for the children. We need to raise awareness of this issue and encourage international pressure on the Turkish government to open the corridor.

If you are on twitter please use the following hashtags as part of the campaign to raise awareness: ‪#‎HumanitarianCorridor‬ ‪#‎Kobane‬