Remember when you are small (like 13-14 years old), you are the maknae who in charge of “cuteness” and “dance” only (the cute dance machine) in SHINee…in these years, you grown up really well…I know, you should had a really hard time because you debut in a young age…but still…you stay strong, do what you want to achieve, work-hard on what you want to learn, never forget to smile and always think of the others with your pure, kind and humble heart…now you become a brilliant solo artist, an awesome singer, you can perform the stages with your very own color and concept…I am so so so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee Taemin, thanks for your existence, thanks for making me smile in my hard times…I am thankful to born in a generation that can know you…you make my life colorful <3

Love Taemin for 7 years & forever!!! ^^;;

whocallssoloud asked:

hey, I've been working on some of my pose drawing and have been looking at a bunch of different references for the poses, including other people's art. I was just wondering if, in your opinion, copying the pose is the same as plagarism. I wouldn't want to post any of the drawings if it was. I mean, I change it up some, maybe shift the head and move the arms or something, and draw my own characters in the pose. So is that still copying? Thanks!

We believe as long as you credit the inspiration AND make your picture’s concept entirely your own, we don’t see a problem . But we wouldn’t suggest putting it in portfolios if you have access to life drawing classes or an actual posing reference site . We’ve come across some artists in the past copying the same exact drawing , (color, pose, even the concept full on) and they put it in their portfolio (unaware of people actually recognizing the reference ) . That’s when it becomes a problem ! So to be safe , always credit your reference and keep it to your personal work , not professional. Otherwise , practice is important . :)


A Walk At Sunset: Deconstruction of BTS' 花樣年華 (Flowering Years)
I tried to live but just like on the court [of my youth] the sun sets on life too.



After a while, I finally got some of these color concepts for the these kids done for the Yggdra comic!

I still have 4 more concepts to go, but I wanted to give you a look at why I haven’t been updating for a while!

PLUS! Newer characters that I’ve been hiding from you have joined the roster on the Yggdra gang!

In order on this photoset we have Yggdra, Kip, Yui, Jack, and then the newer characters Cidelli, Mimi, and Faharu!

I’m still wicked excited for this ghjklgfds


Colored versions of Ayumi’s and Yoshiki’s character design concepts for the new manga based on the live action movie. They’ve got some cute expressions it seems. I don’t know if they’re going to have Ayumi with the blue tinted hair or the more natural color like in the movie so I did both versions. Also did a version where Yoshiki’s wearing his undershirt because it’s really weird looking without it.

Concept sketches from Memories of Fear.