Useful Photography Tip #123: How to Deal with Skin That's Too Orange

Here’s how it fix a problem that tends to happen to photographers during the Golden Hour.

Model: Bec Fordyce

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There are times in portraiture where your camera will render a person’s skin as way too orange. This tends to happen a lot during the golden hour. But getting rid of that problem is very, very simple and it can be fixed in less than 10 seconds. It has nothing to do with the desaturation slider–at least the one all the way at the…

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Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

anonymous asked:

Hey I just started following you and I really like your art style (it's so COOL omg) and I was just wondering how you get that color channel separation? (Is that what it's called??) Like how you have the red and blue outline things outside the line art? I've always wanted to do that, but I seriously have no idea how to. Sorry to bother you!

The Specifics of Editing Skin Tones in Adobe Lightroom

The Specifics of Editing Skin Tones in Adobe Lightroom

Editing portraits in Adobe Lightroom can be a daunting task sometimes, but the specific color channel tools can help you create a better image than simply just working with the basic adjustments. They can give you much more professional looking results and in reality, they’re very simple to work with. Before we begin to talk more about this though, we also recommend that you work with a…

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