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multicolored modicum. This is the tastiest looking water ever.

I always had the urge to drink from a natural source of water like a brook or a river but all I can think of when near one is deer piss xD. Come to think of it I’d never seen a deer pee… like do they raise their leg like dogs do, or they just sprinkle on the go like Bamby? Aaaanyways Im not sure how this all of a sudden took a very weird turn. Sooo uhh yeah water is cool, its gooood. So gooood. Drink lots of it!

I love to share stories of people and communities, and I’m in luck because there’s never been a better time to connect with audiences. With my camera, I can capture a singular moment of beauty or a narrative of experience through video. And with a few clicks or swipes, the visuals can be sent into the great, wide world, to an endless and eager audience. 

I’ve been a photographer for ten years, five of which were spent at a newspaper in the Midwest. Recently, World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International honored my work. I was also named the 2014 Great Plains Photographer of the Year.

My images and videos have appeared in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, USA TODAY, the Associated Press, Newsweek and The Saturday Evening Post, among others. I’ve worked professionally in several countries outside of North America, including Afghanistan, India, Scotland and France. 

Please visit my portfolio site, my Instagram and my Tumblr for more examples of my work.

Hi there !!

I’m Dave, a young self-taught photographer (and musician) currently living in Milan. Most of my photos are portraits or have to do with the fashion world, but I like to try my hand at a bit of everything. I adore showcasing glamorous or peculiar sides that people often ignore, and telling stories with images, especially about the way I see and experience human relationships.

You can see some of my work here :

i wasnt on pc for too long so it went blank like it usually does unTIL MY MOM HAD TO USE IT AND WHEN SHE MOVED THE MOUSE