colonial house

Camden Street, Camden, LONDON

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music recs?

hmm some more low-key artists that i recommend right now are the paper kites, hippo campus, drowners, panama wedding, amber run, colony house, hunny, the japanese house, swim deep, sea wolf, and a silent film

Dirty Sally’s. Las Vegas Strip, 1970s. After Pussycat A Go-Go went out of business in the early 70s, the space reopened as Dirty Sally’s, a discotheque & backgammon club. This was at the corner of the strip & Twain (now Sands Ave) next to two of the oldest race books on the strip. It became a Gift Emporium in the 80s, later bulldozed and replaced with the Wynn Resort’s pond. 

Hey everybody! I recently noticed that it was long since I uploaded something so here you have *drumroll*

Colonial house by let-it-sim (not really an original name *grin*)

This house is an edited version of a house I found in one of neruobo´s world. And I simply love it, but the distribution an its floorplans didn´t convince me. So I edited it! :D

Enough babbling! Let´s get down to the important thing!

  • 30x40 lot
  • Only too piceces of cc: Archibald´s door & Estate fence (store)
  • Eps: I am not sure but only SN and AMB needed

I dont take credit for this house it´s made by neurobo. Although I would appreciate if you considered my work,by tagging me or linking me back!