When I like something such as a TV show or a game, I tend to go through it again just to catch some stuff I never saw the first go around. So right now I’m going through homestuck again and I’m reading this page and I start giggling for a few seconds at colonelsprite and then realzed that John wanted his kernelsprite to become a COLONELsprite and i started laughing even harder and realizing that hussie is the smartest man alive.

nagachiikahideyoshi said:

♔ ey bby how u doin

ur a fine piece of ass

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the questions[from herecomestheimpala]:

  1. five favorite tv shows?
  2. do you enjoy reading?
  3. who’s your favorite author?
  4. do you enjoy traveling?
  5. what was or is your favorite topic to study?
  6. whats your favorite environment to be in?
  7. what season of the year do you prefer?
  8. can you swim?
  9. most of the time, would you rather be out at a club jamming, or comforted by a warming fire, a cup of your favorite warm drink, and a fantastic book?
  10. do you enjoy giving gifts or receiving them? why?
  11. what character trait do you value most?

my answers:

  1. supernatural, hannibal, doctor who, merlin and gilmore girls/sherlock
  2. i absolutely love reading, i cannot express how much i love reading
  3. i really enjoy john green, micheal grant and ransom riggs
  4. i haven’t really traveled very far from home, only four hours at the most but, i do enjoy experiencing new enviroments and noticing the small differences when i do travel
  5. this is about school or something right? because i really enjoy studying the poets and their lives in english class. i hope that counts um????
  6. um, i’ve never really thought about it much but, having to pick one i think it would be somewhere quiet, open, preferably outside, kind of like a, i don’t know if you guys have ever been to one but, theres such thing as a reading park and they are just marvelous.
  7. i really like autumn/fall because its sweater weather and i absolutely adore sweaters
  8. yeah, quite well actually. 
  9. by a fire, with some tea or coffee and a good book
  10. i love both quite well, mostly receiving because, who doesn’t like getting free stuff right? but with giving a gift, it warms my heart when i see a smile or smirk on the person face.
  11. honesty

my questions:

  1. number one trait you look for in a bf/gf?
  2. favorite music genre?
  3. character you cry over the most?
  4. anything you’d like to own up to from your childhood?
  5. hair color?
  6. would you like to have kids? why?
  7. do you have a disorder or disability?
  8. make up or no make up?
  9. biggest weakness?
  10. biggest strength?
  11. theres a large thunder storm heading your way, your power goes out, its the middle of the afternoon so its still light outside, how do you pass the time?

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