30 Days of TAH, Day 16 - Fan Stuff!

I’m going to be honest and say I’m a little biased here, but my favorite fan art is by my little sister. I’ve mentioned before that she’s super into TAH as well, and she has a natural talent for art. (I believe she’s considering a career path in animation.) Back when she first started listening to the show, she drew these amazing little pieces, each on a piece of notebook paper. Each paper was then folded into thirds and given a seal-type thing in the style of whatever segment it was. The only different one is the Sparks Nevada one, because it has characters on it instead. (Croach is saying “So much Onus” right there.) There’s a few more I will put in another post because they wouldn’t fit on here. She’s extremely talented though, and she’s only just about to turn thirteen!! I’m so proud of her, and glad that someone shares my passion for TAH! (She’s also super into WTNV, I’ll have to see if she can draw something from there…)