When Condesce crash landed on Earth after the Vast Glub, she was an emotional wreck, mourning the loss of her race and powers. A curious Sassacre searched the ship and he found her. After that, he took care of her and taught her all about human customs and such. Their marriage is actually based more on pale feelings and a need to keep her identity hidden, but they think highly of each other.

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[ so, as some of you may or may not know, my aunt used to work for marvel as a writer back in the day (idk if she was ever properly credited on everything she worked on—u kno how things are for women, and they used to be worse). but like she has a huge spider-man poster in her office signed by stan lee with the inscription “sheryl—i always did like people who could be bought” because he wanted to go one way with a character and she wanted to go another and she told him she would do what he wanted if he signed something for her.


i’m having dinner with her tonight and she just keeps dropping names of people in the industry (not remender or brubaker or anything but, like, buzz dixon is one she kept mentioning)

and i’m like

"jesus christ do u realize how much envy i’m containing right now" ]

I need help naming my banjo Ives mix.

Shall I name it “The Banjo-tacular Adventures of Colonel Ives,” “Fine Dinner Music with a Cannibal,” or “Y’all bitches need banjos?”

fictional couples who are on a permanent last name basis


fictional couples who only ever use each other’s title or rank


fictional couples who then use each other’s first names in times of high stress or really intimate, heartwarming moments