She wasn’t even a person anymore but I loved her present tense
—  John Green; Looking For Alaska


Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Catch-22 reminds me a lot of those comedy/tragedy masks—you know the ones that are supposed to represent like, fine theater or something? Not that I’m comparing Catch-22 to some great Italian opera. All I’m saying is that the book oscillates cleverly between the absurdly humorous and the grievingly tragic.

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If there was one thing Floyd hated, it was turning to others for assistance. From an early age, he had professed his independence - his capability - and, it had not faltered in his later years; but, this time, it seemed as though there was no alternative. Perched atop Narrow Neck Bridge, he got to isolating the frequency Deathstroke’s mask operated on - all from his eye-piece - and, began summoning the correct words. Favours really weren’t his thing.
“Hey, old man. You got a minute? There’s somethin’ I need to ask of ya.”

the colours i associate with characters of series #1: M*A*S*H
  • hawkeye:vibrant neon orange, dark red, ice blue
  • trapper:sunflower yellow, green-tinted teal
  • bj:dark turquoise, salmon pink, earthy green
  • frank:puce, brownish-red, orangey-brown
  • charles:royal red, blue-tinted teal
  • henry:dark blue, firey orange, maple leaf red
  • colonel potter:horse brown, silver
  • margaret:army green, vibrant red
  • klinger:royal purple, cotton candy pink, tan
  • radar:cream, wheat colour, brown
  • mulcahy:black, white, gold

Oh, if anyone has any ideas for names for this little guy, I’d love to hear them. I want it to be Captain something but I can’t think of anything I like.
My other fish are named:
Admiral Nassau
Colonel Gillian
Commander Sol

From top to bottom: -Please say you’ve cast Colonel Sebastian Moran -Is Andrew Scott beach body ready? -Any clues in what Sherlock season 4 holds? -How about doctor who season 9, people say you’ll be show-runner -Did I just see you play a nun in Eastenders? -He has a blood pack in there hasn’t he? *screen shot of Moriarty on the rooftop of St. Bart* Gatiss’ sassy answers “nope” edition.

anonymous asked:

How realistic is it for Mary to be able to precisely shoot Moriarty to help fake his death? Yes it IS TV and all but really are there any real-life snipers with this kind of capability?

ACD Colonel Sebastian Moran is an incredible shot - he’s got this air-gun that could make long distance shots with accuracy, which at that point was mostly unheard of. It’s a big plot-point in The Empty House, because this guy (Adair) was killed, the police can’t figure it out because they think someone must’ve been in the house with him, but really it was Moran, outside.

… he had shot him through the open window. There was not a doubt of it … Colonel Moran will trouble us no more, the famous air-gun of Von Herder will embellish the Scotland Yard Museum …

Now, we’re like “No, big, snipers do things like that all the time!” but then, they were just inventing guns that could have enough stability for those sort of long distance shots. At the time, killing from that far away was pretty much unheard of, so scaling this up for the 21st century where snipers frequently do things like that, I think that means Mary is really, really good. Mary did do a pretty damn precise shot on Sherlock in HLV.

Remember, Moran also attempts to kill Holmes while Moran’s in a house across the street - and does in fact put a bullet directly between the wax figure’s eyes:

… I’m afraid it has spoilt your beautiful bust, for it passed right through the head and flattened itself on the wall …

Again, this was pretty wild for that time, so I think Mary - as Moran - is supposed to be crazy good. Sort of like how Moriarty was a Super Criminal, Moran was a Super Shot.

(I wondered if there are any new really long distance rifles just being invented now that she could be using as an ACD reference, but I don’t really know enough about guns to figure that out.)

However, I don’t think she was that far away:

There’s one side of the roof that you really never see, and it’s got a building there with a lot of windows, which would be good cover. I assume you rarely see it because Mofftisson are hiding it from you, since they give you a pretty great view of everywhere else.

Does she have to have shoot him with a real bullet - anything to pierce a blood pack would’ve been enough, so it’s not like she was going to kill him if she missed?

Anyway, I don’t think it really matters how Jim did it, though I do think we’ll find out, and I’m certainly not 100% attached to the blood-pack theory, but I do think that:

  1. Jim faked his death
  2. Mary helped

He could’ve easily done it the way they do in movies (AKA the way Andrew probably did it here), which is that there’s a fake blood-pack and there’s a tiny detonation of it. I mean, actors fake-die all the time, so it’s not like it’s exactly impossible to fake-die.

Except that theory doesn’t need Mary, and I do think she has to be involved with TRF in a big way to be Moran, otherwise she’s just like any other of Jim’s people.

Anyway, I’m certainly open to other ideas on how Jim did it, but I do think Mary shooting a blood-pack is possible, if only because she’s Moran and Moran is crazy good.

I have to be interrupting something between these two. Roy got super bitchy in the office when I went to ask for help, then got up and left. Walk all over East City looking for Colonel Bitch and he’s in the corner here with Riza.

 Next….we fight, he sets that bike on fire and then has me arrested.

 Asshole, the hotel is one block over. Just go get it out of your system so we can go back to saving the world. Or is that what you finally did after you threw me in jail then showed up after we broke out in a much better mood?

sarakasandstuff replied to your post “OBspec Episode 5 won a thing! this is fun! this is cool! this is…”

ah yes, episode 5. if i recall correctly it made me word vomit all over my survey. well done, team. well done.

In celebration of the one that made us fall head over heels in love with Sarakas, a short excerpt from the Infamous Episode 5 Survey Response: 

“I think my emotions went kind of like: OMG OMG OMG Sarah please be careful; please find Helena you two need to be together; oh God is that Miller?! no, a friend of Beth’s, phew good; ah the Colonel! wait, Beth’s dad?! what the hell?? Scar! Sarah you’re so amazing and badass- wait, no, you said bloody, you bloody idiot! Run! Holy shit Sarah fucking run! Oh God she’s not gonna get Helena out in time! you can’t tease me like that OBspec team that’s not nice! oh thank God- but now Helena is hesitating; go Helena, you’re free with your sestra! AH THE COLONEL (part 2); shit is Helena gonna stay with him? NO! SARAH DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE LEAVE HELENA AGAIN! Harrison is back! Thank God for him or this stalemate would have never ended; yes, Helena, YES! Sestra hand holding- I’m crying now. (Cut to next sestra scene) Yay they’re safe! Sarah is gonna be so loving and maternal to Helena now and I can’t wait! WAIT. What’s happening? Blood?! NO. Miscarriage?! NO NO NO. I’m horrified/sobbing at this point. NO HELENA WHY DO BAD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO YOU?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. SESTRAS HOLDING EACH OTHER AND CRYING AND IN PAIN AND COMFORTING AND SCARED AND CONFUSED AND HOLLOWLY REASSURING AND SESTRAAAAASSSSS! Cut to black.”