Laura’s Follow Forever 
[In this format because Tumblr is an asshole and won’t let me upload the picture. Which should be a crime.]

These people are all either super hilarious, super talented, or super wonderful. Most of the time they’re all three. I love them all so muhuhuhuch. 
(In no particular order): 

My Merlin Babies:

B Biliousgreen | Brolinskeep | Brolininthetardis 
C Caelins | Colmorgan | Colinandhisbowtie | Colin-bradley | Colingasm Colsandbradders | Consultingsorcerer | Courtsorcerer 
D Dragoonthegreat 
F Falling-too-slow | Fasterdoctor | Fuckbees | Fy-Merlinxarthur 
I Ilithyiad | Imgladyoureheremerlin 
J Just-Arthur 
L Ladykatniss | Lilybells | Lovepb13  
M Magicalembrace | Merlinboys | Merlinsarthur | Merlindoesburn | Merrynn  
N Nuzzleyoursorcerer  
P Paperlings | Paulinegrint 
S Samecoin
T Tsunderslasher 
Y Yasminty 

And Other Awesome Peoples<3
Christevans | Cremebunny | Mcfassynating | Nickcutlers | Pondicals | Stefanspenis | The-jitterbug | Tothedarklands | Wholove