Finally, food!||Colliolet

Sue and Seth had come home from the grocery, and now Sue was making dinner. Seth had gone out since he had a patrol shift, and everyone else was nowhere to be found. She figured though that Violet was home, seeing as the girl had carelessly left her dirty clothes strewn about in the laundry room. With a smile, Sue went up to her room and knocked on the door. “Violet,” She called out, “Dinner will be ready in a few.” She continued opening the door a little. “Oh! Collin, dear!” Sue exclaimed in surprise.

Date night. || Colliolet

Collin put on the nicest close he had and he gelled his hair the way he always did he put on his watch and his shoes and walked to his car that his mom let him barrow for the night he nervously drove to the Clearwater’s home, getting out of the car and going up to the door, he knocked a few times and waited. 

She's mine. || Open to anyone i guess xD

“This is just something everyone needs to know.. Violet is mine.. She’s my girl, My queen, My everything and if you even think about hitting on her I’ll more than happily kick your ass.. Got it?” Collin smiled proudly. “Because I love her.. and I’d do anything for her..”