YES YES AND YES SO STOKED ON THIS. Emily had a couple of pretty legitimate reasons not to get on her bike Sunday; considering the weather was absolute garbage and the fact that her rear shifter had pooped itself the day before. This is more than enough for most people to throw their hands up and crawl back to the warmth of the dry vans where comfort is found in discounted bread and overpriced Nutella. BUT. She raced. with one gear. and placed 4th. this picture was taken after. I think her face says enough. This is what it’s about! 

*also worth mentioning is that this was her first crit

Lindsey Wilson College- Marian University

I’m not sure if I ever did a formal post about my recent decision to transfer schools. For my freshmen year of college, I attended Lindsey Wilson College, which is based in Columbia, Kentucky. This fall, I will be attending Marian University, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

You might ask, why are you switching from one school I’ve never heard of, to another school I’ve never heard of!?

Well, in the collegiate cycling world, both happen to be top division 1 schools. I am incredibly grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I had at Lindsey Wilson. From the business program which I will always have fond memories of, to the cycling team, where I made a few friends which I’m sure will be lifelong. Unfortunately, the focus of the LWC Cycling team is in directions other than my personal focus. With top world class riders in the gravity disciplines, it makes sense to put a great amount of focus on the gravity races. Unfortunately, my main focus is on track racing on the velodrome. Without any velodromes even remotely close by to LWC, it would be near impossible achieve any of my track cycling based goals. It just would not make sense to stay at a place where I would not be able to progress.

Marian University actually manages the Major Taylor Velodrome. Similar to T-Town, an outdoor, 333m track, with a slightly steeper banking of 28.5ish degrees.
After just 4 short weeks having full access to the velodrome when living in PA, I saw huge gains. Being able to live about a kilometer from this top notch velodrome, will be absolutely huge in helping me achieve my goals. It doesn’t hurt that the team is 15 time track national champions! A mixture of both having access to a velodrome full time, and an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff, they are able to absolutely dominate on the track. And it isn’t just on the track. In every single collegiate cycling discipline, they are not just competitive at the national level, but rather, they are a force to be reckoned with. It is an absolute honor to be able to join the Marian University Cycling Team.

Training camp begins on August 11th and I cannot wait to meet all of the team, and get started with another semester of school!

Stevens Duck Country Apocalypse- Men's D Race Report

sun’s out tongues out

If you read other reports from this race, they’ll likely mention the relatively warm weather and generally pristine conditions that graced the later races. The men’s D field, however, found no such relief from the wintry conditions that have characterized the first race weekend at Rutgers and the northeast in general this year. Our race was delayed as we waited for salt treatments to melt the ice on the Kermesse-appropriate pedestrian path leading from the park to the roads that made up most of today’s course (as the necessity of such treatments would indicate, our 8:00am start brought sub-freezing temperatures). Once the ice had melted to an acceptable slush, though, we were off- all 43 of us, as the two D fields had been combined (not surprising given that the D2 had SEVEN racers preregistered).

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A short ode to collegiate cycling

This post will be quick.

I think collegiate cycling is one of the greatest things you can do in college (or in my case, grad school). It’s the most team-focused cycling I think somebody can participate in without being a professional. 

I wish I would have been cognizant of the sport when I was in college. I mean, I knew of cycling as a sport. My cousin had raced bikes for years, but there was nothing at Tulane like a cycling team.

Being part of the UT cycling team was fantastic. The one bad thing about graduating from graduate school was that I could no longer participate. 

Now, both Tulane and LSU have cycling teams. In fact, Tulane is hosting a race in New Orleans and LSU is hosting the conference championships this year. That is fantastic.

So hook'em to my UT Cycling friends, geaux tigers, and roll green wave!

At the Tampa Twilight Crit

(After the Cat. 5 crit, from which Ray was dropped after a few laps)

Announcer: And next up is our Urban Roll Ride. The prize for this ride is beer for a year, courtesy of Cigar City Brewing company. These guys will brew up a special case for you each month and deliver it to your house.

Me: Ray, did you hear that?

Ray: (Nods, eyes wide open)

Announcer: It’s not a race. All contestants will be entered into a drawing…

Me: Oh, that sucks. We could have—   Ray? Where’d you go?

(Three minutes later, Ray shows up at the starting line in full racing kit, standing next to hipsters with rolled-up jeans and fixies.)

(Photo by Dan Cleaver)

Cycling race this weekend!

I’m very excited! The only thing is that I’ll be racing way out of my league. I’m technically a Women’s Cat C/D, but there aren’t any places for me to register as such- there is a very small number of collegiate women racing. That means I get to ride with the Women’s Cat B.


I’m doing the road race (2 laps, totaling around 27 mi), and the time trial (7mi). 

Pretty sure I’m going to rock out the time trial, at least in comparison to the road race, simply because I’ll know how that one works.

Yay for triathlons teaching me to be strong and ride alone without drafting!!! :’]

Anyway, I’ve been stressing school a lot lately. I’m a little unhappy with it all, but I’m sorting it all out right now. Hopefully I’ll get everything together and be able to pursue something that makes me happy. 

In the mean time, this race couldn’t have come at a better time. I need to relax!!! 

Haha. Funny how traveling 6 hours to physically exhaust myself counts for relaxation. 


Alright. Here’s a throwback to our very first race at Grant’s Tomb! As you can see, our budget was so small all we could afford to buy were t-shirts. We were even too poor to buy individual ones - shout out to Walmart’s 5 pack of white T’s in medium! It was more of a dress on some of our smaller riders…

Nevertheless, we got creative with our team shirts - if they were going to be shitty, then well goshdarnit they were going to be the best shitty team shirts anyone ever saw! 

*Note the anarchy symbol and wheel in our name.