Your Guide to College Greek Life

Being a student in college doesn’t mean lectures, exams, and college parties only or even write my paper or write my essay. A student life is your great chance to join something more than just a group of people who try to get the same type of diploma; and when we say “something more”, we mean Greek fraternity or sorority organizations (not to be confused with anything related to the country of Greece!). Want to feel yourself as a protagonist of a high school movie? Welcome to Greek life!

Greek life is a life of fraternities and sororities, and every freshman is welcome to join them, though some nuances should still be taken into account before doing that. So, make sure you’ve read our guide to Greek life for every student to find out if he is ready to live it in college, and whether he wants to do that at all.

To join or not to join greek life?

Certainly, the decision is yours whether to join a fraternity.sorority house or not, because such a membership is not compulsory of course. Every student decides for himself whether he wants to be a part of such a group while studying at college or university or not.

The truth and fact of the matter is, that these organizations may be very attractive for freshmen who live far away from home for example, and who want to feel themselves relatively safe on campus. Moreover, the spirit of camaraderie is uncommonly strong in these chapters, where all members stick together and often work for some common goals. Sounds good, yea?

But Greek life may be not a very good idea for those students who do not like multiple kinds of organizations, who feel a lack of money for joining them, or who fail with some other attributes (sports achievements or facial appearance for ex). So, if you are not a cute blonde with big… heart, or a strong guy who breaks bricks by his hands, Greek life may have a couple of fails in store for you.

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CNN Reporter Refers To Zeta Phi Beta Sorority As Gang Members

CNN’s Erin Burnett mistake members of a historically African American sorority for gang members and we are not pleased. The Out Front host misidentified sorority sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, the prestigious Divine 9 organization that wore its traditional blue to a town hall meeting held in Baltimore. Presumably, she thought they were Crips. Via Hip…

CNN Reporter Refers To Zeta Phi Beta Sorority As Gang Members was originally published on CampusLATELY


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PROTIP for those graduating high school soon and going to uni in the fall:

Never stay in college if you don’t feel passionate about what you’re learning. 

If you find in your first or second year that:

  • The major you thought was great turns out to be awful
  • You don’t like the environment of your college
  • School depresses you/gives you panic attacks, etc. to where you can’t function
  • There aren’t any educational/career tracks that call out to you

Take a break. Reevaluate your personal goals. Find a school that’s a better fit or if school is even for you at all. I cannot stress this enough. If you aren’t loving what you study or your campus, find something or somewhere new. Never stay in college because your parents/society/norms/etc. dictate that you should, because nothing is worse than sitting on thousands upon thousands of dollars of debt and not being sure if it was really worth it. 


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