*knock knock* why do people keep taking AP classes in high school?

*knock knock* to get into college!

*knock knock* but isn’t that totally fucking ridiculous? taking college level classes…to get into college?

*knock knock* everything is total fucking bullshit and we’re all trapped in a black hole made stronger every day by our own ignorance and complacency 

*knock knock* hide all the sharp objects

My SAT reactions
  • me:what
  • me:you can actually solve this problem?
  • me:I'm hungry
  • me:Only a five minute break?
  • me:This test has ten parts *barfs*
  • me:Holy shit for a minute there I thought I would epically fail. Why the hell are there 40 fill in boxes in this section when there's only fourteen problems.
  • me:But seriously what was this dark matter bullshit on the SAT
  • me:yes! I'm free

Why does it cost me $12 to send my SAT and ACT scores and $15 to send my AP scores to colleges? It’s a digital score report how does it cost money? Where does this money go? Why do I need to pay MORE money for this in addition to the actual application fees which is in addition to my actual college tuition? I get that capitalism is necessary but why does it have to bleed so deeply into my education?



  • get a lot of sleep (netflix can wait)
  • eat breakfast (here’s a link to quick breakfast recipes)
  • read something, as it takes time for your brain to get going
  • don’t forget pens AND pencils AND tissues AND a watch
  • bring a jacket (those testing centers are chilly)
  • also peppermints help wake ur brain up trust me it’s science
  • check out some REVIEW PACKETS


  • cute stress relievers and nice things (X X X X X X X)
  • movie links to celebrate that 5 (X
  • love yourself no matter what you got \(^ ^)/
  • you’ll be fine (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
  • i love you lots (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ