“This letter from Johnson to Lustig from around 1947 [above]…was no ordinary letter from Johnson. Letters he wrote to his parents used the same meticulous pencil handwriting, but in this letter to Lustig, Johnson includes the first sentence “Reptiles on the path in the snow.” This statement provides an idea for the multi-colored lines printed on the paper that Johnson wrote between…The reader is left to imagine the reptiles that made these paths, the ways they moved, and to reconcile an unlikely occurrence due to their cold-blooded nature…

Lustig, Albers, and Johnson were all great synthesizers whose commitment to their art and the fostering perception in others helped “close the gap between art and society” and today each of their contributions to Art are indeed held in high esteem.”

Ray Johnson Designs may be over, but you can still enjoy insights into Ray Johnson’s design work in this article by Julie J. Thomson: "The Art of Graphic Design: Lustig, Albers, Johnson and the 1945 Summer Session," Journal of Black Mountain College Studies 6 (Summer 2014).

Do's and don'ts of being a collegiate wiccan

Hey guys so college has been super stressful and havent really gotten the chance to meditate much figured i’d help you guys by making a post of do’s and don’t I’ve learned of being a wiccan in college.


  • Meditate as much as you would at home. Keep a good schedule for it like you would sleeping
  • Eat healthy foods. I wish i was joking cause I could eat Mac and Cheese all the meals of the day but you’d be surprised how much your mood and spiritual awareness is affected by your diet.
  • If there’s a new age or wiccan club or pagan club on campus. At least go check it out, scope the scene, find out about it. You could be making the best decision of your life by meeting new people. People are nice sometimes. This applies to any club of any interest. 
  • Do not be afraid to tell friends about it. Sure they’ll have a lot of questions, but that’s not something to be concerned about. They’ll love you and accept you because you are friends. Wiccan is part of who you are, and they love you. Friends are friends, period.
  • If something about the campus rules offends you your beliefs go talk to someone about it. Drop the “If this doesn’t change I can easily sue” bomb on them if need be. They’ll cave in like butter.
  • If someone harasses you about your religious beliefs: A) Tell them off B) Tell someone. They are discriminating against your beliefs and that is NOT OKAY. 
  • If your professor talks about Wicca or Paganism in history and says something wrong, correct them. They shouldn’t be giving false information to students and they probably just don’t know. School should be about getting an accurate education. The more you know and all that.
  • Find a place on campus to call your own and make it your spot. Find a nice place with the most spiritual energy or connection and go there whenever you feel stressed or upset. Preferably outside. But if your room makes you happy than that’s fine too. Mines by our schools engineering lake. There’s a forest on the other side and the streetlight’s reflect on the lake like stars at night.
  • Talk to your roommate about what you will be doing and boundaries. If you want to do a spell skyclad or something don’t do it while they are studying. Discuss what they are comfortable with being in the room and what they are comfortable with you doing while they are in the room. You don’t want them to feel suffocated by anyone’s religion including yours.
  • Have fun  and be safe.


  • Do not light candles or incense in your dorm room, or on campus apartment. The fire alarms are super sensitive to anything and you will get in trouble if you set one off. Either just let the candle sit there during meditation or a spell unlit or do it outside. 
  • Do not force anyone to start trying wicca. Let people have their own religion.
  • If one of your friends is a skeptic don’t try to convince them. It’s ok let them think what they want. As long as they do not harass you for doing it then there’s no harm.
  • Don’t show off your tarot cards to people you don’t know. You will never get any peace, ever. Once brought my cards to a night class, every week it was “Littlest Wiccan, can we have another reading? this time about X, it’ll only take a minute.” It’s 10:00pm I want to go home. People love tarot cards. Flipside, it’s a great way to become popular.
  • Don’t be offended by people not understanding wiccan holidays or beliefs. Yes Halloween is grossly corporate. Yes it’s a pagan holiday according to most historians. Don’t fret about it. Celebrate it your own way. And also get candy because it’s yummy. 
  • Don’t Forget to have fun. Super important so it gets to go in both categories. 

Littlest Wiccan out!

Gentlemen Bastards' Secret Sanza 2014!

Hello, fellow Bastards!

Yes, it is finally time! Today marks the start of the sign-ups for this year’s Secret Sanza exchange!*

How to participate:
I’m responsible for running this thing this year, so you can direct your sign-up messages to me here! Please include your e-mail address and any favourite things/characters (other than Jean, although you may of course mention him as well)!

Sign-up deadlines:

Sign-ups start today, on Oct 1st
Sign-ups close on Wed Oct 15th

I will draw the giftees on the 16th and inform the Sanzas accordingly on the same day.

Gift deadline:

Optimally, your giftee should receive their present around Christmas, so please please PLEASE try to mail them out by Dec 15th! I will do my best to nag all participants and keep reminding you of the time. The nagging will intensify in late November. It is a known fact that this fandom does not do well on deadlines, but we will try very hard this year, okay?


Any questions you have, you can address to me! I’ll also play messenger, so if there’s something you need to know about your giftee, I can do the asking so your identity will stay secret! :D

The gifts can be any sort of thing – art, fic, crafts, whatever you creative people can think of! (Last year saw quite a lot of beautiful crafts that needed to be mailed to their recipients, so there is a possibility you may need to share your address. In that case the only people who will see it are me and your Sanza!)

I’ve probably forgotten something, but just ask and I’ll tell you. Keep an eye on the tags too, and pop to chat!


*Disclaimer: I’m sure you guys get the pun but for super extra clarity – it’s Secret Santa and NO, we will not send you Sanza brothers. However, if you do have a Sanza brother you’ve kept secret and would like to send to your giftee we can’t exactly stop you.

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Cool dorm room tour! get some good ideas from this video!

We’re excited to announce a new, comprehensive approach to student financial aid and support for incoming students in the Class of 2019 and beyond: No Barriers. Through No Barriers, students will see:

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  • Much more!

Please see the link above for more information about the No Barriers program— we’re excited to share this new opportunity with you.