I am gonna try to make a blog update weekly because why not. Haha. Hi, guys!!

  • I’ve been too busy with my shop, everyday of my life. It has also been a ritual every time I pass by a store which sells clothes to stop and buy something from them so I could sell it. I cannot estimate how much I have earned since I started because I also use the money to buy more items. I also buy clothes online as well. As long as it is Manila based or within my meet up points. 
  • I attended a debut party last Saturday and my best friend ditched me. My best friend and I were classmates from Grade 2 til 4th year high school and we were neighbors as well. Cool, right? Anyway, the debutante was my classmate during the fifth and sixth grade. I am glad she invited me though we were not that close. It so happened that her best friend in college was our former classmate in high school. They are studying now at UE Caloocan. It was held at Shangri-La near SM North Edsa.
  • Our 4th month is near! It is on Frida. I’m planning to surprise him. (He’s not aware that I still do blog posts okay haha so it’s safe here)
  • I’m so proud of my school for winning the UAAP CDC titles!!! All for Him! I know my school, National University, is not really popular unlike other UAAP schools but please, STOP THE HATE. Don’t underestimate my school if your bet is not hailed as the champion. Everyone deserves to win, right. Please stop bashing.
  • Since classes are suspended, I spent my day with Regina! I miss her because she had been busy with her pep squad training.
  • I haven’t finished reading Everyday yet!!!!

Kahalagahan ng tres. Grabe hahaha thank you Lord. Bawi bawi na lang sa finals ng sobra. Hahahahaha iba ngayong college talaga hayyyyy hahhaahahaha. Ok nag gala sa ust ngayong gabi with the ultimate buddy 24hr. Haha yana. Ayern. Si cj at jude na naman nakita ko kasawa na. Hahaha kbye

Summary: Jean is a location scout and storyboard artist while Marco is a writer and pro in filmography both working for a film company based on Youtube. This talks about the dates Jean will always remember, Marco’s birthday, their first date, their anniversary, their fun times in work, the death of one of their best friends, and his proposal.

Loosely based on a short film on Youtube entitiled ‘Picture Perfect’ by Jubilee Project. I highly suggest watching it after reading, or else you’ll be greatly spoiled.