The breast feathers of many birds are arranged in rather organized lines. I get my thumbs wet and spread them apart to expose the sternum before making the first incision - an early step in preparing a skin for the collection. This brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater) was a window kill, and now is a valuable research specimen at The Field Museum!

Learn more about the fascinating world of cabinets of curiosities with art historian Stephen Bann, from the University of Bristol. Sunday, May 31, at 2:00 p.m.—free tickets required.

Photo: Installation view gallery 257 “Art and Wonder: A Cabinet of Collections


A few weeks later and some of us are still working on the dolls house furniture! It now has over 400 part records on our database and with the help of volunteers, every single part has been labelled or individually bagged, including tiny forks! They have also been photographed, measured and repacked. Some of the most delicate items even have their own little foam niches cut out for them to keep them extra safe!

Jill Trent: Science Sleuth -- Throwback Fun with Modern Heroines

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]’ve got a treat for you blerds today — a new collection of 5 comics where the hero is a female scientist who solves mysteries and thwarts crimes with her know-how and a swift kick from her rocket boots. I bring you Jill Trent: Science Sleuth!

Jill Trent is a minor 1940s comic book character, the kind that ran on the back 4 pages of another detective’s adventure. Even then,…

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xxluvme4evaxx asked:

How would style five and samezuka cuddle/sleep with their s/o when its bedtime

Haruka:  It’s not that he didn’t want to be close to them, Haru just preferred to sleep a particular way.  Specifically, calmly and often flat on his back.  They could cuddle up to him without hearing any fuss as long as this wasn’t disturbed.  Of course, before it was time to actually fall asleep, he would cuddle with them a little if they initiated.  Truth be told, a proper goodnight kiss from them is all he really needs.  Just that smallest reassurance of love eases his mind.  Without it, Haru may have trouble sleeping, and even feel a bit dejected.

Makoto:  The truth is that he might keep them up a little later than planned with his cuddling.  Makoto may say things like, “We need to get some rest, we’ll need our energy tomorrow,” but unless he dozes off with them still-awake in his arms, it’s up to them to get their boyfriend to actually go to sleep.  He just loves being close to them, and he’s willing to push himself just a little further to have just one more minute with them.  As they fall asleep, Makoto is at his happiest if the two of them are holding one another in some way, any way, even if they are connected only by a few loosely intertwined fingers.

Nagisa:  Whether his partner’s height makes him a big spoon or a jetpack, Nagisa loves to tightly wrap his arms around their middle and bury himself into their back.  Nuzzling them with his nose, breathing in their scent, and planting tiny kisses on their neck and in their hair- even right before he lost consciousness Nagisa couldn’t get enough of them.  This is the only position in which he won’t wiggle away from them in his sleep, or shift so much that they have to slide away instead so he’ll stop waking them up.

Rei:  A kiss, a few gentle caresses, and soft conversation were what he offered his partner before bidding them goodnight.  Rei slept on his back beneath perfectly spread sheets, proper even in sleep, following a routine established long before he had met them.  And without their intervention, lying side by side was the closest the couple would be to one another before drifting off to sleep.  Rei could feel his heart flutter, a moment of clarity in his drowsy haze, the first time they laced their fingers with his beneath the covers, and shifted ever so slightly closer to them with a smile and faint blush.

Rin:  A few extremely drowsy smiles and kisses are a guarantee with Rin.  His strict schedule exhausts him, so when it’s time for bed, it’s time for bed.  Fighting his own heavy eyelids, only the softer part of him is left, always reaching towards his partner in some way.  Whether he pulls them close, drapes an arm over their body, or simply rolls over just to face them, Rin wants to connect to them just one more time before he falls asleep.  

Sousuke:  He likes to give long, gentle caresses to his partner’s back or sides as they lie next to him, the two of them chatting softly.  Sometimes he’ll half-heaterdly tickle or prod them a little, contently watching them complain weakly, but mostly he likes to enjoy the last moments of the day together civilly and straightforwardly.  Sousuke is all too happy to wrap an arm around them if they curl up to him or rest their head on him, finding he actually quite likes to be used as a pillow.

Aiichiro:  He knows it must be uncomfortable long-term, but Ai loves to lie on his stomach and settle his head down into his partner’s warm chest.  Looking up at their peaceful face with his blue eyes, he loves to admire them for just a minute longer before carefully, reluctantly, sliding off them to nestle into their side.  Hearing the rhythmic rise and fall of their chest and slowed beat of their heart feels very intimate to him, and for that, Ai cherishes that brief window of time where he’s awake and they’re asleep.

Seijurro:  Always at least a little energetic, even right before bed, Seijurro loves to give and receive light massages before the two of them finally fall asleep.  They can wrap up their conversations for the day easily this way, as well as share one last moment together.  Once beneath the covers, he will face them, or reciprocate an outstretched arm, the two of them lying comfortably close to one another in a picturesque scene.  However, Seijurro can be a fidgety sleeper, and either pull them closer or push them further away deep into the night, often tossing the covers off or rolling himself up in them.

Momotarou:  He isn’t totally aware he does this, but sleeping next to someone else under all the usual covers was too hot for him.  No matter how closely the two fall asleep together, or how playful and affectionate he is before the two of them settle in, Momo will eventually roll away to the cooler part of the bed.  On an average night, Momo often rests on top of the sheets, an arm over his partner’s torso or head buried into their blanketed shoulder, with only a thin blanket barely over his own body.

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