Introducing The Red Tour in Japan, now available as a .zip download! Special thanks to drewtalkstome for helping remaster the audio files!

After selling out all 66 shows in the US, Taylor Swift took the Red Tour overseas to the UK and Asia. This particular recording comes from her show in Japan, taken directly from six different in-ear sources, providing what many of us have asked for for ages — a near-professional, crystal-clear Red Tour album.* The collection includes the album art above (recreated by me to match the hard copy’s cover) and the following tracks:

01. State of Grace // 02. Holy Ground // 03. Red // 04. The Lucky One // 05. Mean // 06. 22 // 07. Mine // 08. You Belong with Me // 09. Sparks Fly // 10. I Knew You Were Trouble // 11. All Too Well // 12. Love Story // 13. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The entire collection can now be downloaded here (x), or you can listen to each track above by simply clicking the track number. Enjoy!

*PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that because these are in-ear recordings, some songs will still feature countdowns and metronome beats. We realize this does distract a bit from the feel of certain songs; we’ve done everything we can to minimize the interruptions without warping the audio.


The idea for the Strange Plant series was born in Sao Paulo — the first city of our trip & also where I began my plant collection. I have been enamored with the flora & fauna in Brazil and am constantly picking up plants on walks home. I finally got around to documenting one of my bouquets.

Today we walked to the beach in our new city — Florianopolis—  and I picked up this stash. As you can see, there are succulents, pine needles, flowers, and lots more! We took the photos on an outside wall of our bungalow (more on that to come).


Anyone else a natural-born collector ?


Beyonce x Adidas!

Beyonce has gotten into the rhythm of outfit of the day, she always shows us her personal style not something that she wears on the stage!

Well this time Beyonce has shown us her urban hot outfit of the day, all cute very summer wearable!
Her high waist cut off shorts are amazing. Peep her adidas gear! She’s wearing the Rita Ora collection! Rita is one of my fashion favs as well, its so retro, but very versatile! You can.wear.sneakers, but Bey rocks hers in.heels! Gotta do a Drake baby powder.stomp because this is killing it!