My tipped fox tail and custom buckled collar from Kittensplaypenshop

I’m in love with both! :) I ordered the tail with a small rippled plug and even though I’m a beginner it doesn’t quite stay in :/ (especially with the weight of the tail pulling it out…) so if you want to order a plug from them I would suggest getting a bigger one or one of their new glas plugs!

The shipping was faster than I expected. It took about six weeks from when I placed my order to when it arrived at my place (in Germany, in case you’re wondering how long it takes :)

I’m definitely going to order from them again :3 (I really want some matching ears now! >.>)

My Kittensplaypen Collar

(posting on my sfw blog)

So! I received my collar today from kittensplaypenshop

I absolutely am in love with it. I was so excited when I got the email and was anxious ever since, and today I somehow knew I had to look in my mail and there it was!!

I took it to my mothers and showed it to her and she was in love with it too she said I should get a fancy outfit and go walk around the mall (she doesn’t know my lifestyle but I thought it was funny and cute of her to say that).

The packaging was adorable, as a hardcore HK fan I wasn’t expecting the little bag but it was adorable and made me squee, the HK candy will forever be a memento of my first purchase as well as the cards and the washing tutorial.

The quality is amazing I couldn’t stop fawning over it, the inside is so fluffy and silky and makes it very comfortable to wear I can’t say how it feels without it but I love the fur lined collars to much to not have it. I touched every inch of the collar and appreciated the fine work in front of me.

I chose the biggest size because I didn’t know if it would fit me or not but it fits me perfectly with even more room! c:

The bell itself has very good quality even if it is a little trinket the sound of it is clear and exactly how I wanted it to sound-I’ve bought bells before and the cheap ones don’t sound as good as this one does :).

I did change the middle trim but it wasn’t changed however it doesn’t bother me one bit because it goes very well with these colors. c:








All in all I am in love with purchase and definitely will be buying more in the future. I recommend Kittensplaypen to everyone and hope they also purchase because it is worth it. Thank you so so much!!