I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about whether or not I make non-nail art.  The answer is complicated: I’ve always loved art and I will never stop thinking of myself as an artist, but for various reasons I don’t make a lot of hang-on-your-wall-type art these days.  Right now I’m a lot happier and freer doing more ephemeral stuff, like painting my nails and doodling in the margins of things.  

But since people are interested, I thought I’d post some pictures of an old piece of mine.  This is a really big painting/collage/self-portrait thing, which I made on my 17th birthday (a good, holy shit, 12 years ago now).  I put a whole lot of myself into it, and I’m still amazed at how it holds up as an artistic snapshot of a point in my life.  And it still hangs above my living room couch.

So i thought that i would kick the 9 days of marvel (Age of ultron) off with the maximoff twins because lets face it they kicked ass in the movie and i thought they were great characters. 

So here is wanda maximoff and pietro maximoff aka scarlett witch and quicksilver


(Quicksilver is my new favourite character oh my)