original comic (read the fifth part at your own risk. wow. wow. my heart.)

yes i will consider doing a part 2 if it doesn’t end on such a freggin depressing note wow wow wow ;0; props to teryster for breaking me

also sorry for the crappy peaky sound distortion in some areas. youtube did that and i don’t know why ;-;

Levi . Erwin . Hanji


Here’s the thing!

Hanji-Aud (X)
“Careless Whispers”-George Michael
“Sensual Seduction”-Snoop Dogg


Hi! I’m incredibly fucking happy to tell you that Emily Partridge (tumblr) and I are making a story in Vertigo Quarterly: Magenta of the CMYK series! Emily’s work has floored me for a long time, with its grime and observation-informed, weighty, dimensional cartooniness. I get so much pleasure out of her drawings & comics. I’m really glad she said yes.

I named the story “Gem Pockets” and that’s all I’ll say for now. I plan to show some character sketches by Emily on my readings on tour. Thanks to editor Greg Lockard for inviting me back for another Vertigo anthology! Solicitations are here, at the way bottom.

Also, more news on this later – I’ll be doing as part of my tour, a talk on collaboration as part of Word Balloon Academy, the Friday-before-TCAF creative development workshops. Whee!

(the three below images are from Em’s site)


Chris Brown Sings “Stereotype” live; Talks Favorite Collaborations


 ⇑ zine (or home zine, or I don’t know what this one is called zine) is the latest collaborative work of me and Anya, and is 19 pages of prints/drawings/collages. It is available from ClitPit and also Quimby’s in Chicago.

from the back:

“this zine is a conversation on solidarity and friendship between 2 friends struggling. some words: Home, yearnin’ + learnin’, diaspora blues, queer loneliness, futurity, depression, Ancestral + recent trauma, having fallen and not being able to get up, the aching process of growing out one’s hair.”