Easy Web-Based Collaboration Tools

Effective communication is essential to business arrangement specially for small businesses. To boost employees to work together irrespective to their emplacement, collaboration tools for small business are designed with features of online application to allow instant management and organisation of information within the work-line. Small business social collaboration software include, but not limit to, social networks, customized networks, Wiki-based applications, and conferencing and communication solutions.

Without Project Management Software Project Manager’s Skills Are Worthless

Project manager is nothing without project management software because now in this competitive world people working very fast with latest technology and techniques. They try to manage time and work according to their priorities. Sometimes it’s difficult to manage projects if work load is more then project management software works. It can manage multiple projects simultaneously without loosing data. It is essential to finish projects in a specific time. For that project manager should have good managerial skills and a goal oriented mind. If tasks are not finished on time then the whole business suffers. Everybody have to take initiative and fulfill the requirements of clients. There should be one person on the lead role because organization wants a person to handle and monitor the things efficiently. The roles of that person which is called project manager are as follows:


  • This person should be clear with the slandered goal
  • Should know the entire flow of project
  • Should have the capability to make them understand the whole procedure or particular task
  • Should have the capability to sort out queries or problems occur during project development
  • This person know how to rum a business, well defined team and handle clients
  • Know about each member’s task i.e. good monitoring
  • To finish the project on time without any errors


Moreover with the help of project management software project manager easily perform their roles with full concentration in an easy way.

Forrester recently issued a new report, The State Of Collaboration Software Implementations: 2011 by TJ Keitt with Matthew Brown and Joseph Dang. The report noted that while organizations are actively investing in collaboration tools to support their increasingly decentralized workforce, 62% of companies say that these tools still mainly benefit travel and corporate communications. The reported noted that, “only 9% of businesses report that collaboration technology has impacted their time-to-market for new products, with improved innovation and partner relationships also ranking low on the list.” I was pleased to receive a review copy.

Collaboration Application from Confluence might be one of the best for Nomads.

Collaboration Application from Confluence might be one of the best for Nomads.

Digital Nomads, Home Based Reps,and everyone that needs collaborations apps- Rejoice!! Confluence now has a bigger and better office in the Philippines, and it’s located in Bonifacio Global City.. and the best of it, they are hiring!!.

Atlassian is one of the leading providers of collaboration software which thousands of companies worldwide already use.. Companies like NASA and Coca Cola to name…

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Digitaler Wandel mit Microsoft Office 365 [Sponsored Video]

Digitaler Wandel mit Microsoft Office 365 [Sponsored Video]

Der Digitaler Wandel mit Office 365 von Microsoft

Der Austausch von Informationen ist meist sehr umständlich, zeitraubend oder in einigen Fällen sogar  unmöglich. Meistens fehlen einem die Gegebenheiten zur einfachen Kommunikation zwischen Mitarbeitern, Partnern und Kunden. Office 365 von Microsoftbringt die Leistungsfähigkeit in einer sofort nutzbaren und bedienerfreundlichen Umgebung in jedes…

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IBM: Our Verse Email Beats Anything from Microsoft, Google

The big guns of software want to close out 2014 with an email splash.

Microsoft launched its email-improver offering last week. Google earlier released its beefed-up Gmail.

It’s IBM’s turn today. For months, Big Blue had been showing off a new email service under the code name of “Mail Next.”

Today, the company takes the blindfold off and makes it official with IBM Verse — an offering officials say revolutionizes email by using analytics and social capabilities to simply make email more efficient. IBM Verse culminates a $100 million investment in design innovation and brings together cloud, analytics, social and security platforms “to transform the future of work.”

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The Psychology of Social Media & Technology #in #socbiz #socialmedia

What does social media, technology, behavior mean to you or your organization? Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve met with RockTeam customers, partners, and social media strategists around the use and concept of social media. The customers I’ve spoken to, especially the technology managers, are still trying to figure out the place for social media in their organization. What I raise back to them in an inquisitive manner is while the technology is certainly part of the equation, it is human behavior that is the greater challenge that *should not* be driven by the technology department. Another words, to flip the coin and engage the *business leadership* around the use of social technologies to enhance organizational communication is the key concept here.

While there is and always will be a place for linear communication like email or instant messaging, it is naive to think that social collaboration isn’t relevant. It’s the how or the why that the business leaders have to answer in terms of strategic involvement outside the Inbox which is so much more cultural than it is technical. It is the way we do things rather than why we do things. The inbox has dominated our work behavior for over a decade and transitioning into this open, transparent way of communicating which has been deemed “social” is so counter-intuitive to most organizations that the challenge can be daunting for business leaders. Technologists who have been able to conceptualize social technology into a business discipline have a leg up on their peers because they have been able to demonstrate the use of all these collaborative social tools into set of business-related functions. If you can achieve that which is *not* technical to business leaders, then you can make a difference in how your organization will adopt new technologies to communicate. Effectively, you are providing a complimentary channel that is service-based rather than infrastructure-based which leads to valuable time in focusing on the business rather than *supporting* it.

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Social Enterprise Collaboration: It’s More than Technology

SAN FRANCISCO – In the city of technology innovation, I learned the best tech lesson.

It’s not always about the technology. And this is especially true when it comes to social collaboration in the enterprise.

You see, we had our first company meet-up at our San Francisco headquarters this past week (me, and colleague Anton, left, are pictured here). Not a conference call. Not an email. A collaborative chain.  

None of that.

It was human-to-human, the kind of connection where you shake someone’s hand and look them in the eye. Remember that?

We’ve met before in person, but not with our new-faced, growing, awesome team.

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File Sharing & Collaboration Made Easy

A team consists of people working together to make things even better than what they can do on their own. And to work together as one great team, it is essential to share things and get things done faster. But the issue arises, when you and your team is willing to share things but can’t get hold of the best way to do that.

Even though you all sit close and work individually on your PC’s, yet using pen drives and hard drives each time to share files, folders or important documents gets really bothersome. Nobody wants to be continuously interrupted in between their work flow and reach to the other person’s system to get the relevant files they need.

Emails too don’t solve this issue as it is an altogether complicated task to attach and share files with team members through emails. Plus, for files that are bigger in size and are not meant to be accessed by all cannot be sent by emails. Then there also arises a disconnect when some documents or files are required at a certain time, but due to different timezones of people working on a project, these can’t be emailed there and then, which wastes a lot of time of the team members.

To take care of this problem and to make sharing easy, now there are web-based tools that just require you to simply drag and drop your files and share with whoever you want. It is as simple as it sounds. If you have ever tried to send files through email, you would understand it when we say “simplicity counts”.

With the new-age concept of working from home, freelancing, working remote and with different units of the same company in various cities, web-based tools come works magic when it comes to sharing files with the whole team, or to access files on the go. One such innovative tool that makes file sharing an easier task is ProofHub. To begin with it is a project management and collaboration software that helps people, companies and teams deliver work easier, faster and better.

While working on various projects, it becomes prerequisite for teams to be able to share files with their teams. With the easy file sharing feature in ProofHub, you can simply drag and drop your files from the desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox and share it with people working along with you on a project.

Being web-based, the shared files can be accessed by anybody, anytime and anywhere. You can add as many people you want and grant them the access to view these files or share and comment on them. With ProofHub, not only you can collaborate both internally with your team, but also externally with your clients and partners. Along with that, it keeps your data safe, secure and private. With stringent security policies it allows users to collaborate while retaining control over documents, even providing the capability to “unshare” a file, with specific people.

This is the best tool available for people, who are looking for a software to share size-able files, manage data through a common interface, control its access, is cross-platform and performing system. It is an enterprise-level, private file sharing solution available for a month free-trial and the packages are for as low as $49. So, try now and save yourself from long email threads, numerous pen drives and valuable time wastage.

The Lotus Notes User Experience. Who's Responsible for it? #lotus #yellowverse

I’m feeling compelled to comment on Paul Mooney’s latest blog post regarding the Lotus Notes experience.  Lively discussions are taking place and it’s great and I think it would be valuable for those who are interested to here our take as Authorized Training Partners for IBM Lotus and producers of end-user learning tools for Lotus Software.

So the question is posed… who is responsible for the exceptional Lotus Notes experience? We all know IBM is ultimately responsible but once the software is sold, services are delivered, who is taking the reigns and showing the light to end users who have been delegated to use Lotus Software?  Is it the Lotus Community? Is it LOB? In the community, awareness is raised around the product via the elite developers and admins who roam cyberspace tweeting and blogging their expertise to the fans of the product.  In the community, there’s a mix of internal IT developers/admins who socialize their enthusiasm for the product and Partners who’ve taken the consulting road in developing solutions for Lotus customers who’ve invested in Lotus Software. As sophisticated as our solutions and applications are, it’s the end-user experience that can make the most noise and ultimately drive the market value up or down (think of Apple here).

I’ve seen Lotus Notes rolled out successfully to an organization in many fashions in terms of end-user enablement. Mature organizations that have upgraded over time and are pushed from IT, from our experience, have the limited budget for training enablement and LOB support. Users in many of the clients we talk to come off with just knowing the basics and plodding along, “living” with whatever is pushed to them.

For migrations and new deployments driven by IT and a Training department, I’ve witnessed success at the highest levels due to a huge push from the training side of the organization taking responsibility for end user enablement and becoming accountable by the decision-makers.  In this scenario, LOB in this case Training Departments or HR departments may have experts on “learning”.  Meaning, folks who really understand how a person or knowledge worker “learns” in an organization.

This week, we were called by a large customer who’s rolling out Notes to a new group who came from Outlook. You can guess her concern about end user training.  We’ve crafted a learning experience for her team and for her users that meets the criteria of a rich learning experience.  The tools are there and rich learning experiences around Notes can truly take place. Failure to deliver education as part of an upgrade, migration, deployment, etc., can be detrimental to an organization where perception *is* reality.  The sales engine behind IBM, the Partners who emphasize product value *must* incorporate an education path for a successful deployment and education around Lotus software and there also needs to be accountability around the amount of support or lack of end-user knowledge.

Need for Collaboration Software on the Rise

Industry statistics (Info Trends/CAP Ventures) points to the fact that more than fifty percent of businesses using technology such as Microsoft Office utilize a collaborative approach as an important and integral part of daily business processes. Effective collaboration software is necessary for providing a productive electronic working environment.

Technology Improvements Speed Collaborative Needs

The need for effective electronic collaboration in the modern day workplace will only continue to grow on the near future. This comes as no surprise to most businesses, since technological advances are easily embraced, having now proved for more than a quarter-century that change does equal profits. But, despite the advances in both hardware and software technologies, 2 very “human” conditions remain as obstacles in the overall challenge to collaboration software implementation. The first challenge is convincing people that using collaboration tools will increase their productivity and the second challenge is having users continually contributing information to the implemented system.

Email Needs to be Collaboratively Integrated

This can be a very important piece of this subject matter. In today’s work environment, more than two-thirds of all businesses use email (the majority use Outlook). Therefore, one of the important tenets of any collaboration solution is the ability to integrate with Outlook for truly centralized document management.

Collaboration Software Has to be User-Friendly

The challenges toward “convincing” and “encouraging” are common when introducing any new technology. Change, especially new technology, can be frightening to many. Businesses seeking to introduce new collaboration software need to choose a solution that’s extremely user-friendly. A good path would be to examine ones that require no information technology structured support. This means your new collaboration software package doesn’t need any more new technology added to your present computer network, and does not require you to hire any additional IT staff members to operate. Look for ones that offer a free demo you can download and try before buying.

Collaboration Platforms should be Feature-Rich

When choosing a solution, look for a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of features, including task management, document management, project management and team communication tools. One of the biggest problems for any software user is dealing with a hodge podge of online tools, and having to juggle passwords, login pages and switch back and forth between applications. Good collaboration solutions consolidate most of the features necessary for business collaboration into a single, easy to use platform.

Project Management and Collaboration Tool

Defined Collaboration Software - Collaboration Tools for Greater Performance.

With NetworkAbility, it will be more favorable to see social network used within work and effectively make a better team work formation. The collaboration software and collaboration tools from NetworkAbility cater every organization the alternative to improve your work dynamic and impel greater performance.

The further we catch up with technology innovation, the greater work stream and organizations should be adapted. That is when impelling tools built for collaboration facilitating come in an undeniable need.

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Where to find Project Collaboration Tools

Project Collaboration tools are required by most companies these days to make teamwork on a project easier and more efficient. If you are looking forward to setting up web collaboration systems, you need to have the right set of tools.

You can either invest in a complete online project collaboration system that will include all the tools and applications that one will possibly need to setup a web collaboration session, or you can buy or download individual tools and software that you need from the web. While in the former case you get all the tools and applications packaged in one bundle delivered to you for use, these are very high priced. You also need to pay license fees regularly for continuing using them. In addition to this, you might also not need so many tools and applications in your sessions. Thus, you pay more for the services you hardly use. The second option on the other hand is economic; because you only get the tools you need and hence pay for what you use. Also, there are many best project collaboration tools available on the web. All you need to do is run a search for the type of tool you require and choose from the best one suitable for you. 

One word of caution for the people who want to download web collaboration tools for free on the web – There are many spammers on the web who supply viruses in the name of project tools. Hence you should always download project collaboration software from authenticated websites or forums.