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You, Me & No Clothes Between

Art & Fic Collab with silent-shanin, she submitted the drawing and I wrote a short story that came to my mind after seeing this


Pairing: surprise it’s Haruki x Isuke

Words: ~1,700

Summary: We all know what massages lead to in fanfics

Tags: #Fluff, #Close body contact at all times


You, Me & No Clothes Between


Touch me anywhere else and I will cut your hands off.”

Isuke began to regret saying those words twenty minutes ago.

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ANIMATORS: Create a short Test Animation of a Pine Cone Dancer as she falls from the Branch to the Ground.


NOTE: Please use THESE ANIMATION NOTES & THIS ALBUM as a reference when contributing.

i was her fall
her autumn
her tumble head over heals 
spinning her wheels
i was her september
heading into decembers arms
her end 
i was her burnt umber and crimson
her marigold and tangerine
her crunch of leaves under foot
as i walk away…

could i have been her reason to stay

he is my spring
my season of full bloom
my prayer for all heals
lavender mist on my wounds
he is my september
unable to rest in one season’s arms
my beginning
he is my blossoming mauve and corals
my hues of water and sunshine
the scent of freshly rained-on soil
as he walks closer…

only reason to stay
only reason to smile

*A Kevin-Madi collab*


Stonebank joins forces with MC Whizzkid to bring you his electrifying new single ‘Step Up’.

July is jealous because I’ve made June my favorite month,
And there’s no coincidence that the 27th is my favorite day-
You’re my favorite holiday.

(I painted the clouds your favorite shade of blue just so I could kiss you under tanzanite skies,
And I kissed the brightest stars into your skin so now you’re my favorite constellation.)

You know I’m terrified of heights
But somehow freefalling in love is all I’ve done with you,
And we fall harder than storms,
Make love louder than thunder
On top of all your favorite clouds;
I know you love to fly.

(You get me higher than I’ve ever been; If I could, I’d inject your love directly into my veins- But since I can’t, take me to ecstasy with just one kiss. You’ve always called me an angel, come get a taste of heaven.)

And you love Latin,
You couldn’t move heaven
So you raised hell to kiss all my demons,
Now they only worship your smile
So Halle-fucking-llujah to the day I met you.

—  I think my soul has been searching for yours. // A collaboration with mr-maddlocks
Platypus V/O
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Platypus V/O

Spaceship (Audio Curator) Featured Comment: ”This is an amazing reading of the Platypus script by scriptsoup’s son Oisín. What chutzpah! And great improv skills! (“They’re super deadly with their poisonous spikes on their feet.” Hahaha!) The audio quality is a bit dodgy, but the performance is spot-on brilliant. Great job!”


Contribute to the “MOMS IN NATURE” collab HERE!

When death reached out its hand,
you should have cowered. When you felt the
flames of hell licking at your insides, you were not
supposed to draw closer to the fire.
I watched you disembowel the Earth, saw you pluck
flowers from your mother’s garden and gouge
your fingers into its open wounds,
trying to pry secrets out from the soil.
Everything green started to shrivel
and die when I entered the meadow, but you didn’t
flinch away; instead you kissed me voracious,
like I was something dark you’d tugged
out of reluctant soil.
I wanted your hands, still caked in dirt,
pressing into my naked back.
I thought you’d understand me. Both of us
wanting what we shouldn’t. I know your mother
must have warned you about gods like me.
Tell her I am not a selfish lover. Tell her how
I kneel at your altar and crush the berries
of your hips into wine. That I worship you.
That we spread each other open like flowers
blooming in the night. You wanted to see
what paradise looked like drenched in moonlight,
so I brought you home with me.
When you stood before the gates of hell,
all the beasts lowered their heads
and bowed at your feet.
Everything I have belongs to
you — my wife, my queen.
You are so much flesh and blood,
so much heaving, pulsing, breathing life.
You make the death in me tremble.
I am forever yours.
—  'Hades' | Anita O.


capomontone and I made a collab (each one made a sketch and then we switched and made lineart and coloured eachothers pics), and since we’re both fans of Lucky Luke (belgian comic book about a cowboy) and Markiplier, we both made Luckyplier. 

capomontone’s sketch is the bottom left one and mine is the bottom right.