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Collab-ish help?

I need someone with writing skills to help me out making notes and codes for the Bill Cipher dragon thing - I want it to look like a page from the journals but I’m terrible at writing and even more terrible at the codes (the symbols are ok but the ones with the letters and numbers makes my head dizzy) so anyone up for a little collab?

The rustling of the leaves reminded me of our nights spent tugging sheets — hands and elbows jostling for coverage against the heavy cold. Those winter nights were the only times we slept with our arms wrapped around each other, faces buried in the nooks and crannies of unspooled limbs. I’d wake up with your face mashed into my chest, your hair draped over and around my belly. We’d had a few long, lean months, but no matter where we’d go during the lifeless days, we’d collapse into and tug at each other every night frost clouded our windows and crept in through the cracks of our home.

The first shoots had peeked through the soil when I got the call; I’d been so embarrassed, excusing myself from the room as their eyes trailed my exiting form and registered the way I hesitated with my hand on the door. I wish I remembered what I’d said, or even just what I’d wanted to say — it didn’t matter at the time, but looking back, I should’ve recorded your voice and the warning you gave. Now, I can only hear you through the sound of leaves, your memory frozen in muted sleep.


Hi guys! So, I was thinking to organize a thing for Zayn. A friend of mine knows his aunt so we are going to give him a print of this collab!

What we are going to do:

  • Everyone is going to draw himself/herself/themselves as you want, with every media you prefer (digital or traditional art is ok, but if it’s traditional you need to scan it, we need good quality drawing.)
  • The drawing can be only of your face or the whole body, as you prefer..
  • Please save the drawing in .png, at least 200dpi and make the background transparent so it’ll be easier for us to put all the drawings together!
  • Upload your art here and then link the URL at the email adress:
  • DEADLINE: 8th of April

when you came home my
dog had already died and
the gold in my eyes had gone out,
but it’s okay. you were never good
at watching the tide go out.
besides, i discovered that 
only way to walk this floor is to just
lie here, breathing, and kind-of-not-really
either sobbing or laughing

i buried her next to where your five-year-old goldfish 
mr. bubbles 
is respectfully interred
and where the weeds are similarly growing over the bones
of a golden retriever named boomer who was hit by a car
and the collar of a grey cat named ghost who was hit by a car and
the suicide note i hid that apologized for getting 
hit by a car 

but it’s okay
you weren’t there. it shouldn't hurt. we could always
order a new puppy in the mail. there’s plenty of them.
don’t worry. sometimes i think i’m sad as a decoration
rather than as a disease. you could always order a new poet
at starbucks. there are plenty of us. i’m sorry
that when you came home 
i didn’t have the strength to stand up.

the dog died of cancer,
see. i spent the last five months handfeeding her
boiled chicken and white rice and cleaning up
the blood and vomit she left behind. i did not hold her paw
when we killed her with kindness. she hated having
her feet touched.

i know the gold has gone out and so has the fire. i sold it off
so i wouldn’t have to see you
every time i looked in the mirror. it’s okay.
you only went to the ocean when the tide was in. you said you
didn’t like watching the water leave things stranded.
you would have hated to see her

it’s okay. it’s been okay ever since i learned how to lie about stuff.
i know why you left. i am just upset i could not
come along.

somebody always has to stay behind 
and take care of the dying dog.

—  you would have hated to hear her whining. // r.i.d