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Story by: foreverautumnblog

Art by: pickle

For: tanekore

Time changes them.

Not just time, but a myriad of things, the biggest being no longer having to fear the titans. It’s a future they’ve all hoped for, and some have died for, but it is now within their grasp - has been, for years now.

Most of them keep in touch. It’s impossible not to form bonds with the people you’ve faced death with, though some bonds are deeper than others.

No one had ever really questioned the bond between Eren and Corporal Levi. It’s something that’s always been there, and has also grown over time, slow and careful.

There was a time when Levi had been injured, so badly it appeared he would never make it. Everyone had taken it harshly, but Eren sat at his bedside the most. Jean had seen him crying there one day, hand placed over Levi’s, and Eren’s hoarse Don’t go telling everyone about this had sounded like a plea. Jean never had. It hadn’t seemed like anything to tell.

Nowadays it isn’t unusual to see the two of them standing close together, Eren with his head tilted down attentively. There used to be a time when Eren would be afraid to appear anything less than professional in front of Levi, but now he laughs, places a hand on Levi’s shoulder without a second thought.

Sometimes Levi will reach for Eren’s hand, thumb caressing the spot that would surely be scarred if it were anyone else. He will tilt his own head up, quiet words leaving his lips, and Eren’s mouth will curl upward.

When the two of them move in together, the reaction is You’re always together anyway, to which Eren laughs and rubs at the back of his head. Levi’s gaze is on Eren, eyes soft around the corners.

Their home is small, but welcoming. They sit out on the porch to greet each morning, and as they watch the sun set, Levi will rest his head on Eren’s shoulder the moment Eren’s hand inevitably finds his.

Eren enjoys inviting everyone back to visit. We will is of course the answer. Sometimes it’s also We’ll bring the kids next time. Eren will shoot a beaming smile in Levi’s direction, then, and Levi will pretend to be interested in the wood of the table.

The bad memories slowly begin to fade as they are replaced with new ones, though it’s impossible to forget what they’ve all been through. In a way it only makes them more thankful - this chance to grow old is one they would gladly sacrifice anything for, but no longer have to.

My half of the collab with saltscreamcalcipher! Demon hunter au! >:D
They did the lines and I colored/did the background!
This was super fun,it was really nice to work with an art style so different form my own and man I really like the way it turned out!

Driving with Godot, or: ‘oh, sure’

'let’s take a left,’ you said,
and you were right
and 'right,’ I said,
'let’s just go left’

'ah, you’re beft,’ I said
'always liking left -
isn’t that right?’
and you shook your head

'oh, it’s quite right,
it’s left,’ I said
and turned the wheel
towards the right

'we’ll be left,’ I said
'if we keep right’
and you smiled
and said 'quite right’

'right, it’s to the left,
isn’t that right?’ I asked
rhetorically and answered
'right, it’s right’

'let’s take a left,’ I said
and you were right
to turn right
to be left right

since left is right
right is quite right
and we are left
with what is right

Confusetry Collab with Andira

My name left your lips like a promise. When you kissed me, butterflies escaped from your body into mine; this has to be what second chances feel like.

(It was as though I was witnessing the sun rise for the first time again & my God, the warmth it radiated couldn’t compare to the chance to love you in the way I always intended.)

In a way that’ll make you stay.. With every ounce of good in my soul, because baby you’re too beautiful to let this world make you cold. And this is the kind of love that those poets write about, a kind of chance that the broken hearted dream about, so if you’re going to accept it, cherish it.

(As cliché as this may be, this is the type of love that was made for you & me. My God, what I wouldn’t give to have my heart broken by you again.. They say mistakes only happen once so this time it’ll be my choice, a decision I’m making because It’s been a pleasure loving you in silence but I can’t take this distance.)

—  Even if it ends in tragedy, it’ll be worth it. (A collab with lifeascolleen )
Looking For someone who’s good at shading and coloring???

I’m working on a really neat drawing, and I’ll need someone who’s pretty good at shading and etc. to do the coloring??? Preferably better at dark coloring and shading? Like,  guess it’d be considered a collab?? Send me an ask if you’re interested!! 

Watching time tick by-Chapter 1

Why hello there tumblr! This is the newest fic, which is a collab with the wonderful just-violet! We wrote this one together and I’m gonna be taking the next chapter, be sure to go and follower her for updates as well! 

It had started off like any other normal day, the titans had actually managed to persuade Raven to attend lunch with them, on condition that she could bring her latest novel of course. What the dark empath didn’t know however that the titans lunch plan happened to involved a certain green changeling planning to confess his not-so-secret-feelings, Raven seeming to be the only one who didn’t notice his affection.

“So Raven.” said Beast Boy from beside her. She looked up, noticing his slice of veggie pizza that hadn’t been touched.

“Yes?” she asked, at a part in her book in which the characters were fighting their worst fears, she didn’t want to put it down now. She was sensing emotion from her friend she didn’t quite understand, as if he were confused or nervous. Beast Boy looked at Cyborg, who opened his eyes really wide and smiled. Not much of a help.

“I… What’s up?” Raven raised an eyebrow from beneath her hood.

“I’m eating lunch… With you.” she said. Beast Boy seemed to brighten. “…And my other friends.”

“Right. Well, I need to tell you something. You… For awhile now, I’ve been thinking, and I realized that you make me-” Raven looked behind Beast Boy, hearing someone scream. She watched as a certain villain entered the restaurant.

“Who wants to see a magic trick?”


Beast boy immediately spun round, as did the other titans. Beast boy sighed inwardly, he had been so close! Stupid Mumbo!

His inner thoughts was suddenly cut off by a familiar catch phrase, causing the rest of the titans to spring from their lunch table.

Mumbo looked up, a smirk presenting itself on his face.

“For my next magic trick, I’ll need a volunteer! How about you, Beast Boy?” Beast Boy rolled his eyes, waiting for Robin’s signal to attack. Now it was personal, and Raven hated Mumbo, so beating him up would be even more pleasurable. He morphed into a tiger, but Mumbo’s smirk only grew. “Oh, Beast Boy.” he clicked his tongue and shook his head. “No pets allowed inside. That’s what you are to the Titans, right?” Beast Boy grimaced, Mumbo knew how to push all the Titans’ buttons.

“Titans go!” Robin yelled, sprinting forward Bo-staff in hand. Robin thumped Mumbo’s side, sending him crashing in to table, while Beast boy pounced onto him, cheese sandwiches wooshing into the air.

“Get the hat BB!” Cyborg yelled, as he and Starfire got the civilians out of the way, struggling as they pulled out their phones to film the fiasco. Raven flew ahead, sending a blast of black energy towards Mumbo as he broke free of Beast boy. Mumbo deflected, sending a giant flock of Doves flying into her face. Raven became flustered, trying to rid the doves from her view.

“Bunnies, doves… What other random animals will be thrown my face?” said Raven, clearing away the birds. When she did, it revealed Mumbo grabbing her book from the table. No, thought Raven, hurdling toward the con man with Beast Boy by her side. But he only grinned.

“I thank you kindly for participating.” he said, the twirled his magic wand, capturing Beast Boy in fake magic. “One less Titan. I’m doing the world a favor!” The magic started pulling Beast Boy into the book, a book he wouldn’t know what to do if he were in those situations.

“Beast Boy!”

“Raven!” they grabbed each other’s wrists, but it wasn’t strong enough, and they disappeared
into the book altogether.

Robin stared at the scene that had just unfold in front of him. He was speechless, truly and utterly. Had he really just witnessed his friends being sucked into a book?! Reality suddenly gripped him as Cyborg and Starfire called out to him.

“Robin! Get that book, we’ll take care of magic man!” Robin registered Cyborg’s command, giving him a nod. Mumbo laughed chaotically, tossing the book aside.

“Well looks like I’ve done enough, have fun with your dilemma!” With that the blue man dispersed in a puff of swirling smoke, Starfire’s starbolt cutting through the smoke and hitting a wall.

Raven opened her eyes slowly, then sat up, touching a finger to her temple. She looked around, her setting unfamiliar. From behind her, Raven heard a voice.

“Wha?- Aw, MAN!” turned around, seeing a certain green teen stumble to his feet behind her. Raven hurried over, glad to see Beast Boy, though she would never admit it. “Rae! Oh, good, I’m not alone… Where are we?!” Raven looked around, then turned back to Beast Boy.

“We’re in my book.” she said, recalling the earlier fight with Mumbo. Beast Boy knit his eyebrows, then opened his mouth wide.

“OOOHH… Yeah, I remember, You tried to save-Oh, this is my fault!”

“It doesn’t matter. With my powers, it’ll be easy to get us out, or at least make contact with the others.” she said, but didn’t deny it was Beast Boy’s fault. It was. Raising her hands, Raven looked at the sky and closed her eyes. “Azarath, metrion, ZINTHOS!” she chanted. But she didn’t feel anything. Nothing happened. Raven took off her hood and turned to Beast Boy. “Turn into something!” she said, fear growing in her mind.


“Do it!”

“Okay! Sheesh!” Beast Boy said. “Um…” Beast Boy started making weird movements. He jutted out his neck, made punching movements, raised his left leg, jumped up and down… “I can’t! I don’t have my powers!” he said. Raven’s eyes grew, now she was nervous. Being in one of her books was dangerous enough, but without their powers… Raven wasn’t sure what to do.