Hellberg & Rich Edwards make their collaborative debut with the brand new single “Hands of Time” featuring Jonny Rose


Happy birthday to the amazing Maddie Ziegler, who may only be 12, but is already a huge star whose name is known all over the world!

PS: Much thanks to all of you who left messages! You were the ones who helped make this work out, so a huge thank you to you! 

((Look look at this. LOOK AT THIS. This is me and my dearest fangirl-with-the-glasses' first real collab. *Tears* Look how beautiful our art styles are coming to gether. I did the original manga sketch and she lined it and put in some of her style and it's….We're gonna be fuckin famous. I'm so happy. I'm so HAPPY. I love her I love this I love her. *Squeezes her and kisses all over* We're gonna collab on the coloring too. That comes soon.))

Begining of the End


The King pushed aside the ball light with a flourish of his wing. Dark, needle-like shadows sewing the few burning holes it left back together. “Hmhmhmhmm" The King giggled in voice that grew increasingly cold with building dread in the air. A fear so intense that even the roaches feasting on the corpses fled."-perhaps that my have hurt had you not soiled your purity with that dark type my dear." The King size and firery aura now swelled with arrival of the Lord. The flame form it spreading like a plague over the heaps of fallen bodies, eating away and leaving only the brittle bones. He took another few crushing steps over to Freja, who’s smile wavered for a moment, before she called for an assault from her Togekiss. The King beamed with dark joy. "Another waste my dear-" He chided back as the fairy birds collided with his aura. Their screams where music to the King’s ears as his aura ate away like acid at their flesh, their blackened bones falling down to join the others.

He now let out a spin chilling laugh and Dark Pulse. Hoping that this would at least make thing a little interesting.

So toastyhat's original sketch is actually really hilarious and I recommend giving that one love, but I have to laugh because all I could think when I saw signless is that it looked like one of those anime scenes where the main character is floating in the ether for some reason.

In other words I have a problem because coloring my favorite characters means throwing a bunch of crazy lighting effects on it and turning them into the anime.

Edit: Now with gratuitous over-the-top lens flare because this anime is high quality and has a huge budget

been meaning to collab with katie forever and we finally did it!! we drew john and louis from my comic - I sketched it, she did the inks + flat colors, i put some color shading and some overlays, and then she did the cute highlights + bg!!

it was a total honor meeting her and hanging out with her at SPX earlier this month, I hope we can do a lot more stuff together because I am soooo jazzed about how this turned out!!! LOOK AT HOW COOL THIS IS