From Page to ScreenIsland 2011

Calum listened and stared and nodded as if he were hearing the shocking truth itself. Only once he stopped me, putting his hand on my arm, and whispered, ‘But I-I-I-‘

'No. I did it. Nikki did it. You tell them where you found me. Where did you find me Calum?'

You could have counted to ten before he answered. I could see the thought slowly forming behind his good eye. ‘In th-the water.’

'In the sea. Yes. What was I doing?'

He stared at me.

'You have to tell them what you think I was doing, Calum.'

'W-walking into the sea.'

'Why d'you think I was doing that?'

Another pause, and he shook his head.

'What happens when a person walks out of their depth?'


'OK. That's what you must tell them. You saw me walking into the sea. I was going to drown myself. OK. Because I killed our mother.'


It’s been a great adventure, and I’ve learned so much. When we started, everything was new. It was my first real role, so everything seemed like a new experience: new lessons, new friends, new adventures. It wasn’t just Merlin coming into his own; I was growing up in front of the camera, too.