haha bet yall didnt know i have an eight-year-old zelda oc well GUESS WHAT

i’ve always wanted to do more with greatfish isle so a long time ago back in 2006 i made this girl - her name is fawn, she’s 15 years old and was a woodworker that lived on the island 
she was pretty much to jabun what medli is to valoo and was probably the one who built all the ships that evacuated the island’s residents before ganon destroyed it 
she moved to outset island u v u

if she were in the game i think instead of taking pictures of things to that guy in forest haven, you could take them to her back on outset and she’d make wood figures of people and enemies ye

she’s also probably a gerudo descendant idk she just gives me that feelin

washington / florida / georgia 

i like to call our ocs the golden trio. not because we’re some self-proclaimed fabulous clique, but because the three of us spend just about every waking moment researching our respective states, and we’ve each been at it for five plus years. 

colin, catalina, and macen have changed a lot since we all first met, but we’re still here and we’re still passionate about our homes and that’s really all that matters.