Colin Rhys Anderson-Gilbert


Colin Rhys Anderson-Gilbert


Sixteen (nearly)

FC Claim Change:

Bertie Gilbert




High school student

What have you been up to:

Thanks to his dad’s successful modeling career, Colin was used to being in the spotlight.  Modeling was natural for him by the time he was five, and the blonde hair and blue eyes and easy going smile made him a target for photographers everywhere, as well as children’s designers.  His dad let him do a few jobs here and there, but all of the money went into a savings account “for college,” and he was never allowed to miss school for a photo shoot.  When he was six, his dad finally asked him what he thought about a name change.  Colin was more than happy to accept Gilbert into his new, hyphenated last name.  Bentley had been around for so long, Colin couldn’t remember a time when he didn’t have two dads.  He had grown up easy going and optimistic, a lot like his father.  When his father died, he withdrew into himself a little bit.  He quit modeling, rather abruptly.  He was still easygoing and optimistic, but when it came to the friendly, trusting boy he had always been…he had changed a bit.  Colin became a bit of a loner, and he stays indoors more often than not.  While he keeps up the optimism and the happiness for the most part, a large part of him is the morbid and dark blog that he keeps.  It’s his dirty little secret, a blog that represents his hurt and his anger…mostly made up of tragic short stories, macabre photos, and comments from half-suicidal followers.