Home { J + C }

After the journey she’d made, and the amount of hours she’d been awake for, trying to nap in the airport, when and where she could, Jen knew she should probably sleep, but the excitement of being back in Bayview, back in the U.S. had her a little worked up. She’d flown into JFK from London Heathrow, and after the short journey back to Bayview in the car she’d arranged, she arrived at the Bayside Retreats. She’d told the driver to head on over to his place, to Colin’s. She knew he still thought she was shooting, and wouldn’t see her until they both got to Paris, for the Fairytales Convention. Obviously, that was not the case. Even her parents had no clue she would be home as early as now, so it didn’t cross her mind to go home first to see them. And, as she lugged her luggage up to his front door, and huffed a little, having tipped the driver and sent him on his way, she took a moment for herself, to regain her composure and contain some of her excitement at being outside his door. She raised her hand to knock, allowing it to hover slightly as she looked at the pattern in the wood, thinking over what she was going to say, going to do. Thinking about how he would react to seeing her there in front of him and she noticed her hand shake slightly at the prospect of being seconds from him wrapping his arms around her and bringing her inside his home.

Finally, she knocked on the door, standing there and listening to the noises. The birds chirping their early morning songs, the distant sounds of the morning commuters on their way to work, horns tooting every so often. And, she listened for any sounds from inside Colin’s house, any feet shuffling tiredly towards the door, Evan babbling and taking steps along the corridor. Nothing, it sounded silent, as far as she could tell. Jennifer scooped her cellphone from her purse and checked the time, it was still pretty early. Glancing back to the door, her free hand on the handle of her suitcase, she reached up her press the doorbell, and stood for a few minutes more, ready and waiting for Colin to answer the door to her. For him to see her there, for real, and there before she was supposed to be.


This is literally me anytime im in an elevator with someone