• Me:I'm going to be so tired and everyone at work will be like "You party?" and I'll say "There was new Benedict Cumberbatch media"
  • Nicole:I'll be like "I was making a one direction birthday card."
  • Me:We are a class act.

My friend who just started Series 5 of Doctor Who asked why Amy and Rory are referred to as “The Ponds” if that is only Amy’s last name.

Oh girl, you will see.



colesxnotes replied to your post: I want kraft dinner so bad but we don’t have any. …

let’s be honest, you never have kraft dinner, you have our compliments or PC brand haha, I know you’re dad’s shopping habits. Unless it’s on sale. whole other story.

Ugh this is such truth. But he stopped even getting the no name and PC brands because we complained about how bad they were. But let’s be real, they were so bad, like there was NOTHING you could do to make those edible. 

Every once in a while when all the planets are aligned and there is a harvest moon with a solar eclipse during a thunder storm, he’ll get kraft dinner and it is a gift from the gods.

My mom would buy it at regular price, except she would never buy kraft dinner. She comes home with like, goat cheese, a wheel of brie, peeta bread, sun dried tomatoes and plain greek yogurt. 

So we can only hope there is a good sale in which my dad will buy enough kraft dinner that I won’t want to look at kraft dinner for a year after it’s been eaten.