So, I’m having some Cole feelings

And I was thinking about that first dialogue of his, just after you allow him to stay, and you ask him about the events of Asunder.

He tells you, and then you get an option to be like, “Look, it’s totally cool. You were trying to help.”

And Cole fucking disapproves.

He disapproves because what he did was empirically, morally, and in every way shape possible wrong. He knows this. He’s trying to make up for this. And you trying to sugar coat it negates his feelings.

I just fucking love Cole, okay?

A quick question about Cole, in Dragon Age Inquisition, and that giant hat of his.

Is there anything in the other source material about him, or in interviews or whatever, that indicates the original Cole’s physical condition? Because my instinctive reaction to Cole’s GIANT HAT OF GIANTNESS and weird eyes and bizarrely pale skin was “he’s an albino, right? (At least a partial albino, it’s hard to tell with the game engine’s rendering.) The hat is there to keep his skin from scorching right off, right?”. And since there was an original Cole that he imitated… well, I was curious.

It just made more sense than “here, have a gratuitously huge hat on a gratuitously weird-looking guy”.

ceruleansocks replied to your post “I would love to know how Cole dreams now that he is more human. :)”

This concept fascinates me because he has such a different/more developed experience of the fade than mages or even dreamers. I could see him hearing Bri taking about a dream she had, and then him struggling to reconcile her view and his experience.

The Fade seems to operate on whim rather than reason, and Cole’s distress in Here Lies The Abyss is all about his being suddenly very aware that his body has borders, limits, and weight. Dreamers can manipulate the Fade a little, but not much, and seem mostly subject to whatever spirits want to affect (and spirits seem to love emulating whatever memories they find). So some of his terror would be mitigated in this respect. I like to think that Cole would remember his dreams more than an average person, since he has a memory of the Fade to draw from already? I have a chapter where he and Bri dream together and their experiences are distinct, but the Fade seems to be whatever a person feels at any particular time.


New little doodles of the adventures of the inquisitor Pyry, his loves and extended family and companions.

I joked around about how Josephine most certainly is the fashion police together with Dorian and that even if some at first think she ll get mad at the inquisitor and his friends fooling around with her jewellery she would most certainly goof around with them instead.

Sketch: yami-pimea

Lining: thecrimsonvalley