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in the character art we have, it’s honestly just pie-eye Mickey with regular black eyes. that’s the only difference. if you’ve seen any of the Four Keys stuff around property, that styling is the go-to for “Vintage Mickey.”

I’ve got a keychain with the basics on them, and Mickey has pie eyes. I’ll have to take a look at all of the hangings backstage on my way into work tomorrow because I know there is some basics stuff there. 

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Peter Pan will meet a few times throughout the day by the bridge leading into Adventureland from the main Castle hub. Wendy does not meet regularly; you'll only catch her if the Castle show (Dream Along with Mickey) is cancelled or if she shows up around Epcot (which doesn't happen very often at all).

Thanks! I also read up on him hanging around by a shop in Fantasyland…. Of is that a cruel lie? Haha no but thank you so much!

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in my department (internal communications graphic design) we’re told not to use pie-eye Mickey because he isn’t the current ‘look.’ vintage Mickeys are fine, but no pie-eye. your mileage may vary. we get to deal with a lot of character art drama.

What’s the definition of a vintage Mickey then? I would assume that for him to be true vintage he’d need to look the same as he did then, pie-eye or no.