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Challenge accepted!

Rachel Maddow accepts Shepard Smith’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” and takes a bucket full of ice water over her head for charity.


I was nominated by chocolate-espurrinkles and gloriousgladiator. Enjoy watching me get splashed with poopy ice water.

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I nominate beposbutt, inuis, and arcticsirius


Revolution Cast | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Tim Guinee* (x), Stephen Collins (x) + Tracy Spiridakos (x)

*Due to Californian water restrictions Tim chose to do 'the dirty bucket of mop water challenge' instead.

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Pstew’s Ice Bucket Challenge


Défis des Fous

Le défi du seau glacé sur la tronche inonde le monde des réseaux sociaux. Il commence à gagner la France. Là on nous dit que c’est pour une bonne cause. Et ça marche en plus. L’association a récupéré beaucoup plus d’argent que les années précédentes grâce à l’opération. Mais était il nécessaire de se verser un seau d’eau sur la tête pour cela ? Cela me pose question.
Hier seau à vélo dans l’eau contre invitation au resto, mise d’une photo de kangourou en photo profil Facebook si mauvaise réponse à un jeu, ou alors photo de jeunesse, les défis Facebook ou consorts se suivent en se ressemblent : tous aussi stupides que les autres.
Le problème n’est malheureusement pas terminé et prendra de plus en plus d’ampleur. Cela me fait penser à un film : “american nightmare” ( ou “the purge” en VO). À quand le défi ” fous une tarte à un voisin que tu n’aimes pas ” ou ” (embrasse) la plus jolie fille de ton lycée” etc.
Vous verrez ces défis vont prendre des proportions à la con.

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[ID: a video of saber fencers getting doused in cold water and then diving into a pool.]

Back in July, the German Men’s Sabre Team took the cold water/ice bucket challenge to a whole new level. Watch this even if you don’t speak German. There’s underwater fencing. You’ll love it.

I have never had enough reasons to upload selfies here in my blog since I don’t want to mess-up the Tumblr atmosphere.

But since I was tagged by The Great jujubaluyot to do the “20 facts about yourself” challenge, this post is mandated to be accompanied by selfie/s. Haha! “Facts about Nikky” are already pinned in the About Me section of this blog, however the list below are somewhat trivial. I am still keeping great privacy of what I post which I reckon sort’a confidential, ergo this post is not linked to any of my other active social media accounts.

Moreover, doing this “challenge” doesn’t require pouring an ice-cold bucket of water on my body, so let’s commence, shall we?


1. I am a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, residing currently along EDSA-Boni, Mandaluyong City where I just moved-in a week ago from Taft, Manila. Furthermore, I am a native of Malolos City, Bulacan where I spent the earliest days of my life and relocated to manila for college.

2. I am registered as a Permanent Resident of the Republic of Singapore since 2005, though I only visit the place during school breaks and holidays annually, either to work or for pleasure. I was supposed to have my tertiary education in Temasek Polytechnic or Nanyang Polytechnic after successfully passing the entrance exams however, my mom forfeited my slot on both Poly’s for some unfathomable reasons. -.-

3. I have been serving the Industry of Print (Newspapers/Magazines) and actively participating on Writing Competitions (inter-school, regional, and national) for over 10 years now. My career began when I was in elementary after my English professor applauded and commended my first assignment for “Formal Theme Writing” and recommended me to join our school journal. Most say this “talent” of mine was innate but I never really see my write-ups commendable. It was further amplified when my service-mate dragged me for an audition to the newspaper during highschool where I successfully passed. All went well and fate got me to where I am now as I’m currently reporting for the FEU Community as FEU Advocate’s (Official Student Publication) incumbent Editor-in-Chief.

4.1 I was also a member of the Drum and Lyre Band during elementary as a Baton Majorette and indie bands (Band-aid, Banda rito and Quatro Quadrant) during highschool until early college, before academic schedules went mad and crazy, holding the rhythm guitar and mic as lead vocals. My first music gig was an inter-school Battle of the Bands during highschool where I had my first trial of composing a song. 4.2 I was once a director and actress of our Theatre Club’s production where I was hailed as the “Best Actress”, but hey! It also came as a shock to me! Haha!

5. I am a servant of the church since elementary. I’ve been singing in the choir and has been a lector/commentator in my previous church. Though I have converted to another religion in the first quarter of this year, I secured myself for a duty as an officer for the Kadiwa society.

6. You might say I’m faking this, but I am admitting that I am 20 years of age, born fabulous(LOL) on April 6, 1994. I’m just probably cased in a wrong body since most people assume that I am only 16 or 17 at first glance. However, they also say I have a thinking and comprehension of that of a 26 year-old, with gestures of a 13 yr old. But what the hell, these makes me timeless, right? That’s the beauty of a mysterious and kind’a messed-up personality. Haha!

7. I have this palpable fixation on the color Yellow. It is the hue of my totality—bright, sunny, glaring, bubbly, empowering, courageous, all-smiles, cheerful, androgenous, outspoken, and blissfull.

8. This is my favorite number. It’s a 90 degree rotated figure of my preferred geometric symbol— The LemniscEIGHT. It’s a tiny infinity which proves that “forever” might be latent. See, at times we feel hopeless, we can depend on Math! Haha.

9. I. Do. Not. Eat. BANANA. Nor. Drink. SODA. I would actually pick bottled water or self-made coffee instead of any carbonated/alcoholic drink and I have no qualms with thrifty grubs (most preferably a cheese sandwhich, with chilli please! I do have a weird tastebuds) which make me a cheap date. ;)

10. I am a crossbreed Tiger-Tamaraw. I spent my first year in college at the Pontifical, Royal, and Catholic University of the Philippines along España Blvd and transferred to the Far Eastern University with the same degree I enrolled in UST.

11. Bachelor of Science in Architecture junior undergraduate, loud and proud represent! I took-up Architecture instead of Journalism or Communication Arts mainly because both my parents are in the aforementioned industrial field who ushered me to pursue Architecture. Also, my first love (as how my grandparents have elucidated to me) was building blocks, arranging puzzles, painting and rendering (in which I also consider our house’s interior walls as my drawing pad), and doing art crafts (I also remember cutting our curtain, strap of a pricey wrist watch, and even my mom’s signature dress to paste in my scrapbook) at the tender age of three.

12. I depise people who choose not to settle for critical thinking. I limit myself in conversing only to two kinds of people: The Philosophical Ones and The Witty Comical Ones. I can categorize myself to the faction of ambiverts, I tend to keep to myself more often but I am also a people-person. I just don’t like the idea of force socialization. Of course, with dense people. -.- This rationale concludes the assumption of many that “I hate humans”. But what I really loathe, to clear things out, is “humanity” in this world as I speak.

13. I am a gullible for words. I fall effortlessly to what people say and I rely on them more than their actions. I see words as a very powerful element more than the Fire.

14. I am certainly not a “Pink Chick”. I frequently get the reaction “‘Tol lalaki ka talaga ‘no?!” when visitors come in my pad. I have an ennumerable collection of automobile magazines (Top Gear, 100 Cars, Fuel Up, among others) more than my arch’l and “girly” magazines. Not to mention the parade of Hot Wheels and Tamia marquee-ing in my room. Perhaps my parents were right when they have assumed that their first child would be a boy.

15. In connection to Fact Number 14, I am the eldest among my siblings. I have step brothers and sisters in my father’s side, and one immediate brother—Allen Christopherson, whom I love so dearly (I hope he won’t see this since he hates reading! Haha! I don’t usually show my mushy side to people). Allen’s name was supposed to be my name from birth but then again, everyone was surprised that a girl screamed out of my mother’s womb.

16. I’ve been independetly living since I was 16, hence Fact Number 16! Haha. That’s why most people say I resemble Robin Scherbatsky’s personality from How I Met Your Mother. And also her physical attributes, if you may permit. Haha! I have been earning my own cash since I was 16, having groceries for myself, initiatively doing chores, applying to orgs/companies, deciding without suggestions from anyone, and the whatnots.

17. The idea of publicizing my achievements doesn’t fancy me but I am running out of “Facts” so here goes: I graduated as the 1st honorable mention during preschool and gradeschool and broze medalist during highschool with some other academic and extra-curricular merits which I’ve already forgotten and I find it needless to expound. Haha!

18. This is shameless but I have to say that aside from being an Architect/Media Personality/Astronaut/Drag Racer/Indie Band Member/Symbologist, I’ve also dreamt of being a ramp model showcasing my own fashion design! Haha! But my height won’t allow me. #SadStory

19. My pet-peeve is my first name, “Shereen”. I’ve never learned to embrace it ever since it was bequeathed to me. The name just doesn’t suit me and owing to the fact that it was the name of my father’s ex-girlfriend gives me more reason to hate it.

20.1 Biggest turn-on: music skills and intelligence (I am a sapioaexual).
20.2 I only wish of one thing for my nearing future: Travel world’s 196 countries with the best pair of shoes while taking quirky selfies, sketching sceneries, listening to good music, sipping macchiato, munching spicy sambal squid and hold hands in perfect symmentry with the man God would bestow unto me. Not that extravagant, isn’t it?

theboyinthehoodie said:

"Let's have babies together."

Send my muse "Let's have babies together" to see how they'd react.

The werewolf’s head snapped up instantly at Stiles’ words. He’d been absentmindedly stroking the puppy in his arms, losing himself in his own thoughts when Stiles’ words were like a cold bucket of water over his head. Wide-eyed, Derek turned to the human sitting across from him.

"You want us… You want us to have babies?" Derek asked incredulously, pinning Stiles with his stare. "Together?"


Are There Enough Metal Buckets for the Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ALS Association’s viral marketing campaign for raising funds to to fight the ALS disease has gone mainstream in a really short time. The association has already received over $31 million in donations. The Ice Bucket Challenge (#icebucketchallenge) has already been taken by celebrities such as the WWE wrestler Triple H, actors Dwayne ”the Rock’ Johnson and Jean-Claude van Damme, singers Jennif…

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