PSA: Power Outages

The Greater Toronto Area is experiencing extreme cold and some areas are experiencing power outages.
I will take this time to outline things to do in the event that your lights are flickering or warning of a poweroutage is in effect:
- Put all your devices to charge immediately
- Put a large pot of water to boil on the stove so you’ve got relatively warm water in case
- Make sure you know where the flashlights and candles are and that

During a power outage:
- call everyone you know and ask if they are okay. Check up on others, you’d want others to do the same for you
- DO NOT and I REPEAT: DO NOT use the grill indoors in the event of an power outage. Last year, deaths due to using a grill inside were reported.
- If you have no heating and its becoming unbearable cold, find out locations nearby such as schools that are providing shelter
- Head to a mall. They usually have their power and you can find warmth there. Last year I went to the mall to purchase batteries and everyone and their families sat in mall corridors watching movies on their laptops, talking to each other.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully many of us will not experience a power outage and those who are, let’s hope power resumes immediately.

You want to know what pain is? Pain is coming home after a long day of being out and wanting nothing more then to sleep and never wake up. Pain is staring at your reflection in the mirror, hating everything that you see with disgust in your eyes. Pain is crying your heart out when you’re realizing how alone you actually are. Pain is being tired of everything, but still forcing yourself to fake happiness. Pain is begging yourself to be strong, to keep on trying even though you know you’ve already given up.