#exeternh #seacoast nh #conservation #wetlands #colcord One of the beaver dams on the north side of Colcord. There are a few that run along the Little River Conservation land. In Colcord proper, we tend to have several families that live here any season. This is along with the Otters who keep the invasive species in check and therefore keep the fishery and the bird/turtle/frog habitat healthy. Because of the way the banks of Little River grew out when Colcord Pond was dammed much of the shoreline has Otter and Beaver dens, holts and lodges running under the first 15-20 feet out from the water. In some cases like around the inlet estuary shore on east side of the widest section of pond there are multiple entrances and escapes dotting that land/waterfront as it is a central habitat for the animals.