My best friend or..lover? (Closed!!)

"Get in there, you little shit!" A man around his thirties yelled to a helpless child with flat black hair and colbat blue eyes. He threw the boy in a basement of his home. His wife frowned at seeing the boy. "He shouldn’t be existing!" She yelled before closing and locking the door, the couple going to greet their new neighbors. The boy began crying and whimpering as he looked at his new room. It had nothing except a small bookshelf, some boxes, and a window with bars on it. The boy sat down on a box and cried his eyes out. "Mom.. Dusk.. Dawn.. I miss you already… I want to be home with you.." He sobbed. After a few minutes, he was reading a book to calm his mind. He could hear adults talking and children playing. He perked at hearing the door unlock and saw his foster brother, Tsukada, and a small purple haired male and grew scared. "A-anatahadare?!" He said in Japanese to the purple haired male.

{ Headcanon — Thanatos hordes precious jewels and metals, she can’t get enough of them. Her personal favourites are colbat, mercury, emeralds, rubies and silver pieces. She enjoys collecting pieces of space metal and meteorites/comet fragments. }

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Thanks for tagging me kawaiirenren =). My nickname should be armrest chan lol But some of my friends call me tiny.

Birthday: june 11

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: straight I guess

Height: 4’9….

Current time and date: 7:16pm decemeber 11

Favourite colour: pastel colours

Average hour of sleep: 3 hrs because of finals

Lucky number: 8 lol

Last thing I googled: persona 5 release date

First word that pops up: markiplier

One place that makes me happy: my room

How many blankets I sleep under: one

Favourite fictional character: monkey d luffy, solid snake, issac clarke, lloyd irving, luke, phoenix wright, katniss everdeen, peter quill, presea colbat, kaneki ken

Favourite beverage: green tea, oolong tea, chrysanthemum tea, pumpkim spice latte with soy milk and no whip

Favourite food: any food that taste edible

Last movie I saw in the cinema: hunger games:mocking jay part 1

Dream holiday: e3!

Dream wedding: a mario cake lol

Dream job: elementary teacher

I will be tagging yanamidii, drusilla95, crossingfield14, bunny43, ladydianamahbitch, mikoto-of-the-uchiha, narutosakuraforever, sailorharuno and carryonmybaby.