13 Days of Crying iCarly

Day 6. Favorite Freddie moment?

 This is certainly one of my favorite moments, because that was one of the first episodes when we can notice everything about the Seddie Friendship isn’t hate. And I love remember when Freddie wasn’t a jerk.

Carly: No, you care about Sam!
Freddie: Well… she was really upset.
Carly: And you said Sam wasn’t your friend!
Freddie: Yeah, whatever…

13 Days of Crying iCarly

Day 7. Favorite Sam moment?

 Another “I-care-about-you” thing that I like. I love when we have moments like this even when they’re small. When you can notice that Sam actually care about Freddie and not everything is about to make fun of him; like in iGet Banned when she stood up and checked his pulse.

Sam: See, that’s creative.
Freddie: But, I never could make it work.
Sam: Well, you know… Uh…
Freddie: I should… try again?
Sam: Yeah… that sounds like the sort of advice you get from someone who cares.