Photos: Aerial photos of the Black Forest Fire

As temperatures soared and dry winds blew across the state Tuesday, Colorado weathered its most destructive day of fires so far this year, consuming dozens of homes and prompting evacuations in five counties.

These aerial photos of the Black Forest Fire by were taken by photographer John Wark (www.JohnWark.com) on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

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2010-The State of Colorado has an outrageous number of blizzard storms

2011-The State of Colorado has an undeliverable number of fires

2012-The State of Colorado Legalized Marijuana and a mass number of muders happen

2013- The State of Colorado goes on flood alerts and washes away

2014-The State of Colorado is no longer on the map because of its bipolar behavior

BREAKING: Black Forest fire claims 360 homes, most ever in Colorado wildfire

The Black Forest fire burning north of Colorado Springs has now destroyed at least 360 homes and consumed 15,000 acres.

The evacuation area includes 94,000 acres and 13,000 homes as of Thursday morning. Some 38,000 people have been evacuated.

(Photo: Helen Richardson, The Denver Post)

Okay folks, The Ellicot Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (EWRC) has given me permission to put them out there for some very unique opportunities. They are a local non profit that specializes in strictly wildlife rehab. Here is their info and PSA. (Best point of contact is Donna Ralph) 719-683-8152, best email is donnaj@elpasotel.net We are licensed for migratory birds including raptors and eagles, small to medium-sized mammals, and reptiles/herps. Wildlife that is able to escape the fire will be extremely stressed, dehydrated, and congested (smoke.) I ask that people get these animals here to rehab ASAP and not try to resuscitate these animals themselves. Do NOT pour water into an animal, especially a smoke victim. People can view our stuff on FB. Let me know what else you need and thank YOU!