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Answer this with ten random facts about yourself and pass it on to your 10 favorite followers <3

1.- I have -as i’ve been told- a great hability to make handmade crafts as some of you may have seen in my blog

2.- In addition to that, i’m extremely clumsy with everyday tasks. So while i’m able to do great and detailed crafts, i drop everything from my hands at least once a day

3.- My moods constantly varies from being ok, being frustrated, being ok again, being angry, and you get the idea, all of that in a couple minutes.

4.- As i said, i get frustrated pretty quickly, and tend to postpone things or drop them entirely because of boredom and frustration

5.- I have quite a few ideas for comics, but i’ve been awfully lazy to start them (but i’m working on it)

6.- I can’t eat something salty without having something sweet after, and viceversa. As a result, if i had lunch, i HAVE to eat something sweet after. That could mean an apple or a chocolate bar. 

7.- I like to smoke and stare at the vultures when i exhale it. It gives me some kind of strange peace, as well as some ideas to draw.

8.- Whenever i listen to new music, i start imagining “openings”, “endings” and “fight sequences” as if it were a movie or an anime. I’ve developed a few characters from that, if i can call it that way, ‘method’

9.- I play flute. I studied it about 2 years back in 1998-99. I still can play it, and kinda got a musical ear. Extremely under-trained, but i still can distinguish rhythms and sounds from each other.

10.- I’m allergic to eggs. But only when it’s not ‘cooked’ (mayonaisse and meringue are kinda deadly to me). I have no trouble eating it when it’s hard boiled or fried. That’s because i’m allergic to one of the proteins that the white part has, and it loses its properties when cooked. But, then again, since i’m allergic, i can’t have vaccines neither for flu or german measles. That’s because their vaccines are incubated in eggs (as my doctor explained to me once)

Gracias nachín :D


Te traño :c

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Likes and dislikes? :D!

OH GAWD, that a terrible question to ask me xDDD since I’m a HYBRID, I always like two things at the same time and mostly they are opposites. Hahahahha but trying to put it short: I like videogames (from a videogame industry point of view but also as a power expresion media), I love design, publicity, marketing, business stuff to some degree. I’m usually the guy who stares at the infinite making up concepts, characters, stories and whole worlds in his mind. So I like creating new exciting projects with other fellow professionals =).

I love gourmet and international, exotic food with all my heart, cooking, doing small gatherings with friends. Back in Venezuela my house was like “teh party central”! I just love having fun with friends are getting them together. I like drinking GOOD, quality stuff, like a great german beer, awesome venezuelan rum or some cool tennessee whisky. Traveling is also my thing. 

As for music, believe me I like EVERYTHING. Mostly rock, rock n roll, metal, nu metal, grunge, punk revival, 90’s pop, soundtracks (these are a little obsession, both movies and videogames’), electronic, techno, trance, chillout, jazz, old salsa, some merenge, tangos and boleros. Also indie, experimental and anything weird, alternative and experimental. I’m a “melomaniac”. I need music all the time, to heighten whatever mood I’m in. Life should have background music. Also, I have this weird CURSE of my headphones breaking appart like 2 or 3 months after I’ve bought them. Only this year I’m on my 4th pair of headphones. And they’re not cheap, believe me. IT’S A CURSE. 

I DO NOT like popular competition sports, like soccer, football, basketball or -ewwww- baseball. But I do love exercising to the point of pasing out xD so I like hiking, swimming, riding bicycle and going to the gym. I could play ball sports with friends if its all silly fun at the park :).

I’m an all around geek: I spend hours reading science, technology and politics news. I love anime, manga and japan in general. I can dig LORE for HOURS, may it be from comics, movies, videogames, books or whatever. Also I can see the sunrise after a whole nigh modeling stuff in 3D, making a neat illustration or learning some new programing thingy. 

Dislikes? INTOLERANT PEOPLE. I just can’t stand them and sometimes I hate them, even though I believe in peaceful, inteligent debate. Also judgemental people… or people who have these super “strong personalities”, attention whores who are like that just because of a hidden fear or inner complex they won’t ever seem to come to terms with. I spent years of my life standing a bunch of “friends” like that and I just don’t ever want to be around that crazy people ever again. Hey we all have problems and horrible things in our past, but why should you become a problematic, demanding and annoying person because of it?? I also respond very bad to injustice or judgement. I hate crazy people (like negatively crazy of course, with harmful personality and social issues to others)

Only foods I dislike: oysters and green beans. 

FEARS: human fetuses and big green crickets (in venezuela they’re known as “taras”)

OK STOP ME BEFORE I KEEP WRITING xD I’ll bore you to death

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Veo que tienes conocimientos de world of warcraft.... Horda o Alianza? :o

Pues empecé a jugar hace muy poco! hará 2 meses… soy Alianza :) no porque le tenga mas aprecio, si no porque amo los worgen <3 tengo un solo char hasta ahora y es un rogue. Yo siempre suelo ser paladin o 2 handed warrior en los MMO, pero decidí “alocarme” y elegir algo diferente. Y me ha ido de maravilla, ya que a mi me encanta explorar y pues con el stealth es genial. 


this is my song <3