But really, who was the first person to take two characters from a fandom and be like

"Yeah, right, but get this; what if one of them is a barista,”

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Hi, Carrie. I don't really like asking for things, but I'm so tired. I feel very lonely since my parents are away with my dog. Got an awful cold with nasty coughing fits. The WORST cold sores on my upper lip (makes me ashamed to go out, it looks and feels disgusting). And I missed a college test bc it took me 16 hours to do a presentation for a project since my group's parts were so incomplete I had to finish for them. I just can't. If you have time, would write me something? Thank you, really.

[Aw, hey anon! Sorry to hear about all of that, I hope things get better. Have some ridiculous fluffy Sterek coffeeshop AU.]

Derek’s going to be late. The line is especially long today, and of course, Cute Butt is in front of Derek again. Derek doesn’t actually knows his name (but the barista apparently does, writing a name on a cup and then listening to a ridiculously long order like always), just knows that he has a very cute butt. 

And a long coffee order. Derek always gets his coffee and leaves before they call out Cute Butt’s order, so he doesn’t know his name, and one of these days when Derek isn’t in a rush he might actually ask Cute Butt out or something. But today he has to get the coffee order for his law firm and it’s his first day being promoted to associate from junior associate, so.

Normally Derek doesn’t find the long order annoying because he appreciates the extra time Cute Butt takes to decide, change around, and ultimately decide the same order again, to appreciate how cute his butt is (and the rest of him— a nice face with wide eyes, an upturned nose and cute sprinkling of moles).

He’s doing it again, leaning over, ass sticking out right in front of Derek’s face, almost close enough to grab—

Derek doesn’t have time for this; he looks away from the pert butt before he starts daydreaming. “Just get him the quad half caf venti cinnamon sprinkles latte, three pumps vanilla, three pumps hazelnut, extra hot with whip,” he calls out.

Cute Butt whirls around indignantly.

Derek sighs. “You always take a few minutes contemplating the specials, and then asking for a suggestion, but you always get the same thing. It takes forever.”

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Basically luckyfilbert and I are obsessed with a CATWS coffeeshop AU in which Steve is the slightly bashful Starbucks barista, Nick Fury is the overbearing manager obsessed with making the perfect cup of coffee, Natasha is the regular who sits in a corner table all day and heckles, Sam is the runner who comes in for a green tea after his morning workout, and Bucky is the slightly lost-looking customer who somehow always manages to come in on Steve’s shift - a fact that Natasha is very quick to pick up on. So yeah, this happened.

pacific rim → coffee shop au

following the untimely passing of their mother, brothers yancy and raleigh becket return to san francisco to take over running her coffee shop, cafe vesoul, named after her favorite jacques brel song. with the help of their old friends, the wei triplets, the creation of their signature “kaiju brew" of coffee makes the shop a hit with the locals, especially phd-candidate caffeine-addict newt geiszler and his curmudgeonly roommate hermann gottlieb. the brothers manage to make new connections along the way; engineering upstart mako mori, much to the chagrin of her retired raf general father, stacker pentecost, bonds with raleigh, who gave up his emerging career in photography to run the shop; and yancy finds a new drinking buddy in locally stationed marine chuck hansen. with a colorful array of regulars and a booming business, there seems to be good that comes out of the loss that the becket brothers endure.

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I'm very sorry to bother you, but I've been having shitty days and was wondering if I could possibly request for some writing? It's just that I saw so much of happy Tyler H today, he's such a sunshine when Comic Con comes, smiling and being cute nonstop... And that made me think about Stiles being in a restaurant or cafe or somewhere public and seeing derek smiling just as brightly and squinty-eyed as Tyler does and kind of falling in love on the spot (because, how could you not, right?). Ty ♥


Stiles knows all the regulars that frequent the coffeeshop, knows their names, their orders, their favorite place to sit, what screenplays and novels they’re working on, what kind of expressions when they get a cute text or when their laptops fritz out before they save their latest work.

His favorite client is Derek, who prefers the far back corner and is constantly broody and sullen, even when Stiles turns up the flirtatious smile and gives him extra whipped cream on his hot chocolate. Derek constantly rolls his eyes at Stiles’ jokes, but his eyes always soften a little fondly, and he tips him well and then proceeds to work in the back of the coffeeshop, hoarding the power outlet.

"He’s totally into you," Erica says one day while they’re restocking the beans in the back room.

"No way," Stiles says. "He would have called me by now, I put my number on the bottom of every one of his cups the first week he started coming here."

"Remember when you were sick? He came in like usual but just made a face," Erica says. "Got a scone and didn’t order anything else, said he only likes the way you make his hot chocolate." 

Stiles tries not to preen a little at the flattery, but for reals, Derek just likes the way he mixes all the spices together for his super-secret-chocolate combo.

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"Ven chica ven loca dame tu boca
Que en esta noche cualquier cosa te toca
Mi corazón se revienta y no aguanto,
morena rebuena te quiero yo tanto.~”

Altaïr got tired of Ezio still hitting on girls while preparing the coffee (if he even started preparing it), so he made him clean the floor. Not that Ezio would mind. And after the Spanish music started to play, it reminded him of his own language. He didn’t waste a second. Without hesitating, he took Aveline who was passing by with the serving tray and… well, he began dancing with her. If Aveline was dancing as well is a good question to ask.

Full view, please!

Oh Ezio, you’re so gonna get slapped. And maybe even stabbed by some others.

My addition for Maliks-butt’s AU. X3 Not shipping it. Did it for the fun. XD

Yip. And the picture with Ezio dancing to Felicita… Well. I’ve had this one sketched and was about to start lining, when it crossed my dashboard. Not going to throw it into the bin, just because it is similar. ‘=)

Drabble: Hearing

Summary: Blaine’s been Deaf all of his life and never once has he been interested in getting to know somebody who was hearing, but Kurt’s different. 

-just a quick drabble for now, but I might develop this into more if there’s interest or my muse just takes off. Track “Verse: hearing" for updates. Thanks to Laura for the quick beta. 

AN: So I was trying to figure out a way to distinguish between when somebody was signing and when they were voicing, so I just went with the ALL CAPS option since that’s how we write out signs in ASL. However, I’m still not sure it’s easy to read when formatted this way, so I might switch to italics. Let me know if you have any opinions on the matter ;) 


Blaine’s just stepping out of the bathroom and into the narrow hallway of his favorite coffee shop when he finds himself inexplicably sprawled out on the floor. He looks up to find an employee waving a mop around frantically while he apologizes. The boy is talking too fast for Blaine to read his lips, but he can make out the repeated use of the word, ‘sorry.’ 

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sterek coffee shop rec list?(:

  • Kaleidoscope by Vendelin (E, 54k) Stiles spends a year before college working at the all-night coffee shop in town. It’s nice and quiet, until one dark and brooding Derek starts coming in every morning, ordering coffee so strong that it should not be fit for human consumption. Ever. Stiles tries not to be affected by the mystery guy, but it’s not like anything else happens around here, so really, what did you expect? And when he’s already in too deep, he realises he might even be in way over his head…
  • You and Your Stupid, Perfect, Smile by Omni (M, 9k) The last thing Stiles expected to see that morning was the guy he’d been crushing hard on for months standing there dripping wet and practically naked. The last thing he wanted was to have to buddy up to the guy for the sake of his roommate, Erica, who had evidently started dating him. The last thing he’d ever intended was to come between them.
  • Voldemort and Jean Valjean (Walk Into a Coffeshop) by PsychicPineapple (G, 2k) So sue him, Stiles had a stupid habit of giving out goofy names at coffee joints. ‘Name?’ He stood with his sharpie at the ready. ‘Voldemort,’ Stiles answered without missing a beat.
  • Mornings Aren’t For Everyone by eeyore990 (G, 2k) Derek can only stare in horrified fascination because it’s like someone drew a caricature of Monday mornings and this person sprang off the canvas in full, technicolor life.
  • Give me back my bones (and maybe we’ll talk) by kariye (E, 33k) Derek meets Stiles on a Wednesday. He comes in for his usual cup of coffee and somehow walks out with hot chocolate, cinnamon on the top, and no idea what just happened there.
  • Mistletoe Never Lies by CarolineLahey (E, 20k) Derek Hale loves his family, he really does. He just wishes they weren’t so determined to set him up. When he finally blurts out that he has a boyfriend, and quickly gives his mother the name of the barista at his local coffee shop as his “boyfriend”, he figures that buys him a little peace. He probably should have been paying attention to the part of the conversation where he agreed to bring Stiles home for Christmas to meet the family.

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(Open RP/Coffeeshop AU) What would you like?

Alfred grabbed his white apron on and placed it on before getting ready to clean the counters and tables first. After that, he went to the front door and flipped the sign from ‘closed’ to ‘open’ Now that his coffee shop was open. He went behind the counter and sighed. It was probably going to be a boring day. Who knows. Alfred heard the bell ding as some person opened the door. “Ah, Welcome~” He smiled.

Coffee Shop AU - Closed with handsuponelasttime

Well, that had just been the day from hell, hadn’t it? 

Rita growls as she hitches her laptop bag a little further up her shoulder as she stalked through the drizzle that was, of course, falling. She was almost back to her flat.

But as it happened, the rain started falling harder. Cursing, Rita ducked into the first available doorway, turning away from the rain to see where she’d ended up.

The Book Café.

She peered inside, seeing cosy armchairs nestled around the café counter, and shelves and shelves of books lining the walls.

Maybe a coffee wouldn’t hurt.

Rita opened the door and stepped inside, not wanting to think about how horrible her hair looked in the rain. Approaching the counter, she looked around for the person she presumed should be manning it.

Drabble: Fumbling

This is a continuation of my previous Deaf!Blaine, ASL piece called Hearing. I’m going to post anything in this verse under the tag "Verse: Hearing" for now. Thanks to Laura for the quick beta! 


Blaine’s not sure how he found himself at the coffee shop thirty minutes before the guys had told him to be there. It’s barely three o’clock and while he’s always prompt, he’s rarely early. He tells himself it has nothing to do with the cute hearing boy that fumbled his way through an ASL conversation with him last week. He’s had time to think about it some more — to picture those blue eyes and those tighter-than-company-policy-allows pants — and honestly, what would he do with a hearing boyfriend? They would have nothing to talk about and at the end of the day, Blaine wants a relationship built on friendship, not sex.

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Coffee-shop AU

When Isaac takes the job at the Lunar Café, all he can think about is raising enough money to move out of his father’s house and away from the abuse. That is, until he meets Scott, an intern at the local vet’s office with a motorcycle and a taste for vanilla hot chocolate (at least, when Isaac makes it). It takes little time for Scott’s open kindness and warm eyes to ignite a tiny spark of hope in Isaac’s heart.