Chalait NYC is a goregous, small, sun filled cafe in West Village. The espresso selection is incredible and the toasts are amazing. I tried the matcha, and although it wasn’t like most matcha lattes I’ve had, it had an extremely interesting taste. This coffee shop has a nice setting and enviornment for working, catching up with friends, or just enjoying some matcha, chai, or avocado toast.

whyhatelove asked:

Do you any where Derek's a barista?

coffee shop tag but since they mostly have barista stiles have your own reclist

Voldemort and Jean Valjean (Walk into a Coffee Shop) by PsychicPineapple (1/1 | 2,187 | G)

So sue him, Stiles had a stupid habit of giving out goofy names at coffee joints.


‘Name?’ He stood with his sharpie at the ready.

‘Voldemort,’ Stiles answered without missing a beat.

You Had Me At Latte Batman by Hatteress (1/1 | 2,108 | PG-13)

The one where Derek’s a barista who accidentally woos Stiles with latte art.

Freebies by Saucery (1/1 | 1,215 | PG-13)

Stiles can’t figure out why people keep dropping, spilling or breaking things in his presence. And offering him free stuff. Like, what the heck?

Now You’re Too Sweet by agent_izhyper (1.1 | 6,648 | G)

In which Stiles is thoroughly confused and awkwardly misinterprets the situation, and has fallen in love with Derek’s heavenly baked goods before he even knew (let alone fell for) Derek Hale. Also, first meetings are a mess and the universe hates him, but nothing new there, right?

Your Sass Is All the Syrup I Need by broadcastdelay (1/1 | 8,906 | PG-13)

Derek is a grumpy hipster barista (in Portland, the natural home of his kind). Stiles develops a taste for such things.

Perk Up by Scruffy_Wolf (3/3 | 42,260 | NC-17)

“You really like like him, don’t you?”

Stiles wrinkles his nose, “God, what are you, twelve? I don’t like like him. We sleep together sometimes and I studied on his couch for a few hours once. That’s it.”

“You should tell him you have feelings for him,” Scott continues, blatantly ignoring what Stiles is saying. “It’ll probably solve a whole lot of problems. Then you can just sleep together and hang out while not sleeping together without it being awkward. Also, I won’t have to listen to months of your moping.”

(Or: Stiles is a grad student who spends far too much money on coffee at Derek’s shop. They also fuck occasionally.)

expresso yourself by wearing_tearing (1/1 | 3,149 | PG-13)

Derek can say he ever expected something like this to happen when he agreed to work at Expresso Yourself, his family’s coffee shop.

And by that he means he never expected Hollywood’s new favorite actor, Stiles Stilinski, to burst through his doors at seven-thirty in the morning, wide-eyed and scared, with the collar of his shirt ripped off.

Barista Shit
  • Customer:I want a latte with extra extra foam
  • Me:Would you like a cappuccino than?
  • Customer:no.
  • ______
  • C:I want a cappuccino with very little foam
  • M:would you like a latte?
  • C:No
  • ______
  • C:I would like a mocha shake
  • C:Is that a hot drink?
  • M:no.
  • _______
  • C:Can I have this drink with less milk?
  • M:.....So you can do one of two things, get a smaller size, or increase the amount of espresso.
  • C:I just want less milk.
  • M:Would you like me to not fill you cup that much?
  • C:no
  • M:....Would you just like coffee with a bit of steamed milk?
  • C:no
  • _____
  • C:I'll have a burrito with no cheese.
  • M:I'm very sorry, but our food is pre-made and we just warm it up.
  • C:Can't you just pick it out?
  • M:well, it's shredded cheese so no I can't actually do that...
  • ______
  • C:I'll have xyz and I'm in a hurry
  • M:Your drink will be ready in a few
  • C:*leans over counter, nearly falling over
  • C:can you put my drink ahead of the others? I'm in a hurry.
  • C:*reaches out to grab cup
  • M:*moves cup away.
  • M:Ma'am, we work on a first come first serve basis. I can't do that for you.
  • C:*swears, pouts.
  • ______
  • C:*Orders Small iced drink
  • M:*Places large hot drink on counter, continues to work on small iced drink.
  • C:Is this mine? *grabs hot drink.

I’ve been recalling a lot of things about us, about what we used to do, about the things that could have happened had I given us enough time, enough momentum, to grow into and out of each other.