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seeing as though Beth,Shannon and Nate are having a combined hangout, just decided to see how their theme songs would go together for fun.

not a real dj here. sorry to kill the myyyyyyystery.

Thank Youuuuuu MyDamnChannel people!!!

(i’ve tagged some to just share the love. I wish i could tag more but i was under the impression only 4 or 5 tags actually work properly)

Just received the mystery prize i won from clicking like a year worth of posts!
I LOVE BUBBLE WRAP! how did you know?

Kidding!  it’s all there and in top condition. :D (i’m funny also! amirite? amirite? :P )

Love the shirt, mug and the lovely letter. Thanks for sending the prize across the world, that’s totally rad! 

All you Mydamnchannel peeps have been awesome to me with the interactions (special shout outs to Chris, Beth, Nate, Shannon, and even though i don’t mention Grace much due to she has a friggin army now for that she was the first one i found a few years ago that started it all and is to really blame). The old daily live chat felt like a cool little group, i feel part of the community/family thing you have going, and i’m so glad i found you all. I’ve met some cool other viewer people also.

I do miss you MDCLive control room people, whoever you were.
You true unsung super heroes, who were too humble to show your real identities but made it happen, and us viewers really appreciated you sacrificing your dance-party time for doing it. *wipes a tear*

Your people and content is entertaining and totally has had a positive impact on my life.  The other day i was feeling a bit under the weather and as I continued to make stuff for upcoming BethHead day, going through a bunch of being silly stuff cheered me up. :)

That’s cool I know i have something to look forward to on each day from your talented content creators, and i can always look at all the archive stuff on weekends.
You’re all doing good.
Apart from you, you know who you are. kidding. or am i? do you? JOKES! (I’m funny, i mentioned it earlier. So laugh. Or don’t.)

I’ll end with the golden girls, that theme song says it best, but not really, but pretty close!

thanks for reading and all your butts existing.
Gotta go, i have pizza jalapeno in my eyes now. Like a big piece.


Mystery box from last years Halloween show and haunted times square  thing.

If you want more big things like the above from mydamnchannel headquarters, Support all of mydamnchannel’s income sources you can, vloggers and the shows like love me cat. It all helps them to be profitable and afford to do more stuff for us.
They like doing stuff for us, but it requires people, equipment and money..

Consider giving them all a chance if you haven’t yet and check it out the below vids from Shannon, Nate, Emma, Beth, Grace, love me cat playlist with Grace and Emma i think.



or even go to for all the other stuff they have if you haven’t.

god dam, video links aren’t working, are they?
Shannon, Emma, you were linked in videos if you’re wondering why you were tagged.

mdc girls air guitar off battle. to the death.gif stylez.

Ever wondered what would happen if bill and ted threw down an air guitar challenge to the mydamnchannel girls!? i know i have!

i think this is how it would go gif form. >:D

Shannon knows the reaper can see through her myyyyysteeeryyyyy and freaks.
Grace resorts to trash talk and calls them hams but has a real guitar on her lap to taunt them.
Beth nails it.(she always wins though. unless it’s a spelling bee.)