This Guy’s Panoramic Drawings On Coffee Cups Are So Much Better Than Latte Art

And you thought the stamp your favorite coffee shop uses to decorate its cups was cool.

Adrian Hogan, an illustrator living in Tokyo, has been crafting stunning panoramas of local scenes as part of his daily sketching practice. Hogan got the idea to draw on the cups from another local artist, Mariya Suzuki, and captures everything from a bookstore to the Imperial Palace.

See more of these incredible panoramic drawings here. 

This is an explanation for the coffee stains in my teeth; in my dreams, I bite into your body until everything fades, like lovers in the wintertime.

They said it’s the coffee keeping me up at night, but baby, I was thinking about you picking the coffee grounds out of your skin, and my body is shaking from the weary of withdrawal.

This is an explanation for the blood in my dreams. Your eyes love me like coffee, like priesthood, like criminals at sunrise when the world is heavy with the sleep of wanting more.

Drowning in your skin, I’m not going to bed tonight, and the coffee doesn’t taste the same when I wake up without your body in my sheets.

This is an explanation for how you were nothing close to cream and sugar, this is an explanation for why I’ve drunk black coffee since I was seven. Maybe I took you into my lungs too soon but the smoke of this body burning turns me black and my bones turn black and everything is black and I’m burning because I want you but there’s only so much smoke in a coffee cup.

How can you keep me up so late and tell me this is an addiction. My love is not chemical, it is visceral, ephemeral, I hate you but I hunger so bad.

Don’t wake me up if I say that I don’t love you. I haven’t had any pitch black dreams since the day you were inside my head.

This is the lullaby of sleepless lovers - I just wanted the time to love you better.

—  7-weeks//For when the one you love and lost keeps you up at night.