Maybe Monday’s don’t start off in the greatest way possible. Maybe Tuesday’s and Fridays don’t either. That’s okay. It’s always okay. Why? Because they don’t have to stay that way. There are approximately 86,400 seconds in today. Over half of them are gone now, but there are plenty left. Let’s say there are around 36,000 left. I see that as 36,000 chances to turn it around. All the way up to midnight. You’ve got a chance. You’ve got the time. Now, now you just need the fight. Which I know you have. I’ve seen it before. So really, all you need now is one of those seconds, bursting at the seams with courage, to finally decide that it’s going to be different from here on out. One second. Insanely brave courage. That’s where it starts. & It’s okay if it’s not this second, or this one, or the next. Maybe you need a couple hundred. That’s okay, too. Just promise me that you’ll take the seconds that you have left to turn it around. Rock out the rest of your Monday. Whatever it takes. You deserve it. I promise you do.