Daily Coffee identity and packaging concept by Dimitris Kostinis

“Daily Coffee is a fictitious iced coffee brand.This brand is characterised by its simple geometric design. For every can,I wanted to create a modern, elegant and an anti-traditional design that represents each coffee variety. The aim was to appeal to the trendy urbanite.”

Dimitris Kostinis is a designer and advertising graduate from Liege, Belgium. He is focused on graphic design, packaging, art direction and print design. He is always interested and looking for new projects & collaborations.

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Tips to order better coffee...

I care about you guys too much to let you drink bad coffee.

- Order an 8 ounce Americano.
Most coffee shops put 2 shots of espresso in an Americano. If you order a bigger size, you are just getting more water (which is fine if that is what you want). 2 shots of espresso for every 8oz is a much better ratio than, say, 2 shots of espresso to 16oz of water where you have diluted the coffee quite a bit.
If you want a 12oz, ask for 3 shots
16oz, 4 shots, etc.

- Order an 8oz latte.
For the same reason as above, only substitute water for milk.
A larger latte is just getting you more milk for the same amount of coffee.

- Order your cappuccino ‘for here’
A traditional cappuccino is a very specific size. Typically 5~6 ounces.
Most shops have cappuccino cups for this purpose.
If you order a cappuccino to go, you are forcing the barista to make it at least 8oz. At that point you have ordered a foamy latte.
Also, if you order a 12, 16, or larger cappuccino, it is just a foamy latte

- A real macchiato is extremely different from the starbucks 'caramel macchiato’
If you are at a specialty coffee shop and you order a macchiato expecting a large sugary drink, you’re going to be surprised.
Macchiato means 'marked’ or 'stained’ and a macchiato is straight up espresso 'marked’ with a tiny bit of steamed milk.
(I don’t know why starbucks uses this title for a caramel latte)

- If you order a pour over, try it black.
Most people add cream to their coffee because they find it harsh or bitter.
Pour over coffee has a much smoother and cleaner taste and you might be robbing yourself of the flavor when you add cream.