Spirit Deer Pokemon

Type: Ghost, Fire

So I stumbled upon THIS COOL THING and I had to draw it cause it’s super awesome. I only took some minor liberties with some of the details, like the insides of the ears, antlers and such. You can also see the original splice sprite in the upper left of the image (:

Sorry for the lazy bg, this was initially supposed to be only a sketch XD;

Note: I don’t condone Panty Snatching of any kind. xD

This is that thing I was working on! Wooo! It’s my buddies Cofagrius, and he is, according to her, a total perv like this. So I couldn’t help but go for it. I was originally gonna make it more of a chase scene, and there be loooots more underwear in hand, but I like the clean simplicity of how this came out.

Artist’s favorite things: That lower right hand/arm. It’s so good. Best fluidy arm I’ve put out in a looong while. I also love the shading around the “feet” and the shinies I put on the coffin-mask. Who doesn’t love shinies? Pfft, no one.

Also, this is transparent. Enjoy, I guess?

anonymous asked:

Your character is transported into the world of Pokemon, congrats! Which Pokemon would be their companion?

// Oh hmm. Probably either a ghost-type or a dark-type definitely. I’m between Cofagrius, Dusknoir, or a Gengar. Oh, maybe even an Umbreon(which gets its power from the moon sort of like Clive does, because he has to do necromancy at night) because they make good companions and it would be similar to having Esme. Probably an Umbreon then! He’d probably name it Jane too.

the new mystery dungeon better not pull the same shenanigans that GTI did

they gutted the game so bad it pains me to think of

the only good thing was cofagrius’ run cycle. (look it up if you havent seen it! comedy gold)