Hi Guys!

I wanted to make a new follow forever since I realized my old one is very out of date…also I just reached 1.6k, and it’s Christmas time and I like doing shit like this at Christmas. Some of you I talk to a lot, others not as much because I just recently started following, or I just think you r cool/really like your blog (I’m not trying to be creepy sry), but thanks for being super cool friends and reblogging my selfies, and if we haven’t met I hope we do get to sometime. If I forgot u it was prob not intentional.

Have an awesome December and 2015!



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hi so i just reached 1k followers and to thank you guys i decided to do my first ever follow forever woah don’t be too excited you guys, don’t be too excited

thanks to grace for making the beautiful edit above

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homme-is-where-the-heart-is asked:

when you get this, you can publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check my blog to see what I said about you!!!

i’m still recovering from urs abt me kirsty omg :+)

poetry-andfuel: we’e been friends for nearly a yr now and honestly we rip the complete piss outta each other but that’s part of our charm! i love talking to becky so much and im so glad we both got so confused over that ask that forged this friendship lmao (and skype me soon smh)

obvioussbicycle: my foot friend; i think me and lucy have met up abt 4 times now?? and honestly each time makes me so happy she’s a little radiant beam of sunshine and we always have so much fun talking abt random nonsense??? and i swear all my irl friends have tried to become her friend too because i talk her up so much! (and we make up the best scottish crew with kalina and erin bless)

coenig: i had to think for a while abt how i could sum fey up well enough and i dont think i have the right words even now? her snapchat stories are what i live for because they always make me laugh so much nd africa has nvr quite been the same after fey’s influence; she’s there for a laugh nd a cry and i hope she’s having a great day

orangesjpg: SWAN is so intellectual and we can have rly complex convos abt the state of british politics while also freaking out abt ezra at the same time? AND THEY’RE SO NORTHERN! but mostly the inability we have to only send one message at a time to each other makes me smile so much and i think i spend a good bunch of the time looking forward to getting the 6 messages from them every few days :=)

brandonflowersz: my other half tbh, we make up the best bronnie combo going and and was probs one of my first victim friends? i’ve nvr met someone who can pull off so many colours of hair tbh??? and she was the best person to be vss for lmao

Tagged by eirenelle again,thank you very much lovely!! 

RULES: you must spell your name, each letter representing a song title. you must give credit to all artists. don’t leave that out, that’s not cool.

A- all this and heaven too // florence and the machine
N-near light // òlafur arnalds
D-dinosaurs // the maccabees
R-reins // chelsea wolfe
E-emergence of life // alexandre desplat
E-elevator song // keaton henson
A-avenue // agnes obel

I tag : coenig / luszifer / wolvendochter / stradlatersgirl / decomposion / starksren

i was tagged by bebehaim thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1 insecurity: the permanent stuggle of glasses or no glasses
  • 2 fears: pigeons and being directly sworn at
  • 3 turn ons: nice hair, nice jackets (tbh), laughs at my gr8 jokes
  • 4 life goals:  become fluent in french, meet a celebrity in the street have children and find a nice husband js thanks
  • 5 things I like: the sky, profiteroles, french, knitting and being a leader at brownies lol tragic
  • 6 weaknesses: tbh i dont rlly know what this means but i get emotional and/or cry at quite literally everything so
  • 7 things I love: the vaccines, coffee, glitter, juno, singing, my love laura and when ppl are unexpectedly nice
  • 8 people I tag: ur-a-punk, prettivisitors, obvioussbicycle, justinyougn, wlctt, all-these-peoples-heartache, melodyscalling and coenig :-)

coenig asked:

march & november !!

thank u!!

March: favourite colour

mmm it depends on the day and how i’m feelin but it’s mostly blue or green!!

November: if I changed my name, what would it be

ezra koenig so i can become a cool dad yet still be a pretty girl B)

hi! so i was tagged by arzeaf (thanks sweets B)) to write the 10 songs i’ve been listening to on repeat!

.give up by fka twigs

.they don’t know about us by one direction

.raining men (feat. nicki minaj) by rihanna

.pray to god (feat. haim) by calvin harris

.five seconds by twin shadow

.beijing by sequin

.mr. noah by panda bear

.raza by kids of 88

.telepath by crystal castles

.taking you there by broods

.hurricane drunk by florence + the machine

i tag coenig daddirwin mercedene and pastelriots :)**

i got tagged by ronnievjr to list my top 10 songs at the moment thank you emily here we go:

  1. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
  2. Human Sadness - Julain Casablancas + The Voidz
  3. Hours - FKA twigs
  4. One Trick Pony - Royal Blood
  5. Give Up - FKA twigs
  6. Death Is A Girl - Mini Mansions
  7. Colours To Life - Temples
  8. Where No Eagles Fly - Julian Casablancas + The Voidz
  9. Smooth Sailing - Queens of the Stone Age
  10. Papi Pacify - FKA twigs

i tag iwantyoudownonallfours coenig and stjustice

coenig replied to your post “where did all this “let’s insult people’s looks” trend come from? when…”

what’s happening ??

lately everytime time i log on tumblr i see a post, obviously made to get notes, mocking people’s appearances (today i already saw 3, about 3 different people, and all of them had plenty of notes). I don’t care if the person they’re making fun of is “trash” or they’re just “joking”, insulting their looks isn’t going to do anything imo. It’s so hypocritical that people here say looks don’t dictate the amount of value/respect a person deserves and “looks shouldn’t matter” and then they do this. If they want to bring down a shitty person, bring them down for what they did.

got tagged by the lovely sollondz to do the 10 songs ive been listening to recently tag!!!!

alt j - every other freckle
hozier - take me to church
ariel pink - put your number in my phone
st vincent - neutered fruit
peace - lost on me
taylor swift - new romantics
blur - no distance left to run
foxygen - oh no
wolf alice - she
julian casablancas - little girl

i tag: skyrpa coenig louderhanbombs and phireside ( u can choose not to do it obviously!!!)