We were thinking about the songs when we were writing the script, so some of those songs were there from the beginning. […] It kinda goes to what the heart of folk music is in a way […]There were people obviously writing songs and singing them before Bob Dylan showed up, but the era of the singer-songwriter, there was sort of a pivot happening around then in terms of traditional folk music and people who were writing their own stuff, and Dylan was one of the big catalysts of that. And there was also a sort of obsession with “authenticity” with traditional music, something that early folk people were very concerned with, which was something that had interesting and ironic aspects. That was also something that was interesting to us. - Joel Coen


Previews from the tribute art show, “Quentin vs. Coen”, opening July 5th 2014, at Spoke Art / Tumblr.

Kill Bill by Tracie Ching / Website / Store

Lt. Archie Hicox by Scott Mitchell

Shoshanna by Primary Hughes / Tumblr

Way out West There Was This Fella..by Joshua Budich / Twitter / Tumblr

"Au Revoir Les Enfants" Set by Rich Pellegrino / Blog / Tumblr

Quentin by John Wentz / Tumblr

O-Ren Ishii - Cottonmouth by Dan Christofferson / Tumblr

All artwork available on line 3pm PST Tuesday July 8th, 2014, HERE & HERE.